OFF is Denmark’s most courageous and most adventurous short film festival. We always offer a varied and experimenting film programme garnered with thought-provoking off-screen experiences, debates, workshops, concerts and much more.

Every year in August, film enthusiasts from all over the world have the opportunity of catching an exceptional selection of Danish and international short films in Odense that would otherwise never reach the big screen.

Main Competition:
The H.C. Andersen Award: Prize of 35.000 DKK (€4.700). This award is Oscar qualifying.
The Storyteller Award: Prize of 15.000 DKK (€2000).
The Artist Award: Prize of 15.000 (€2000).

Danish Competition:
Best Danish Short Film: Prize of 20.000 DKK (€2700). This award is Oscar qualifying.
The Talent Award: Prize of 15.000 (€2000).

Animation Competition:
Børge Ring Award: Prize of 15.000 DKK (€2000). This award is Oscar qualifying.
Animation Talent Award: Prize of 10.000 (€1350). Only Danish animators can be considered for this award.

Documentary Competition:
Best Documentary Short: Prize of 15.000 (€2000). This award is Oscar qualifying.
The Soapbox Award: Prize of 10.000 (€1350).

Youth Jury Competition:
The Youth Jury Award: Prize of 10.000 (€1350).

Audience Competition:
Audience Award.

European Film Awards:
A jury at OFF22 will select a film from one of the competitions to be qualified for an EFA Award.

1. Deadline 1st of April 2022
2. Submission must be done via
3. Early-bird deadline 1st of January: 10 Euro/film
4. Regular deadline 15th of March: 15 Euro/film
5. Late deadline 1st of April: 20 Euro/film
6. NO waivers or refunds

1. All genres are welcome
2. Maximum length 30 minutes (24/25 frames per second)
3. Completed in 2021 or 2022
4. Films can only be submitted once – no resubmissions from previous editions
5. Premiere not required
6. Online digital submission only. Films for pre-screening must be uploaded via FilmFreeway
7. Low-quality copies are accepted for selection screening, but cinema screening formats must be high-quality – HD 720p or above
8. All films must have English subtitles also when the spoken language is English
9. No promotional films (e.g. educational, industrial, advertising, tourist films etc.)
10. Please be sure that you have all rights, concerning thirds parties, needed in order to participate at OFF

The organizers will appoint a selection committee that will be in charge of the final selection for the competition. The organizers may also authorize persons, whom they consider competent, to pre-select films for the selection committee or directly to the competition.
1. Final selection screenings in April 2022
2. Entrants will be notified of the selection results no later than the 25th of May 2022

1. Upload of cinema screening format no later than June 2022
2. An e-mail specifying the technical requirements for cinema screening and a link for upload will be sent out
3. ALL films with dialogue must have hardcoded English subtitles. Also if the spoken language is English.
4. OFF is authorized to use a short excerpt (max. 2 minutes) of the film in a radio, TV or video programme presenting OFF - Odense International Film Festival
5. OFF is authorized to screen the film at, for a period of two weeks as a part of OFF22. OFFStream will be geo-blocked and limited to streaming in Denmark and all films will be password protected behind a payment wall.
6. Selected films may be considered for any award at OFF
7. All film and music rights and clearances must have been obtained by the filmmakers (in accordance with copyright laws)
8. You cannot withdraw your film from OFF after selection by the OFF-selection committee
9. OFF is authorized to screen winning films from OFF22 as part of a Best of OFF22-tour in selected cities in Denmark

1. All screenings at OFF will be distributed directly from a central secure server to the various cinema platforms.
2. The Festival reserves the right to refuse or cancel the screening of any film if advised by authorized technicians that the film is not of sufficient quality to ensure satisfactory public screening.

1. The organizers will nominate an international jury, a national jury, an animation jury, and a documentary jury all consisting of three members, as well as a youth jury
2. The juries will award prizes to films in the festival’s five competition programmes.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks a lot for this year's selection! Very good communication and correspondence.
    I'm sorry that I couldn't attend, hope I´ll see you next year instead!

    September 2021
  • Thank you, it was a delight to participate in the OFF festival. I've always been a fan -- so to be included is thrilling to me. The organizers were kind, welcoming and communicative, I hope I get to be a part of it again!

    September 2021
  • Prachi Bari

    I am honored and proud to be part of OFF - Odense International Film Festival 2021. It may be a small city but they are large-hearted human beings and amazing organizers despite Covid restrictions taking care of everyone.

    September 2021
  • Emma Drost Jensen

    Very well organised with great and easy to figure out programming.

    September 2021
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    So great festival in Denmark. Very welcoming people and amazing program!

    September 2021