It takes place in a very small village in the Southern Italian alps: Valloriate (Cuneo). Only 80 persons lives here.
Our challenge is to create an important cultural event with international guests, great films, meetings, art exhibitions that convince people to come up here, in the mountains, and serve as a development engine for these beautiful but abandoned "high lands".
Only by giving life back to abandoned places it is possible to think of a new ability to design, to imagine and to explore new identities, NEW WORLDS

Best Film Award
Best mountain film Award
Special Jury Prize

The Kosmoki Cultural Association and the Municipality of Valloriate organize the NUOVI MONDI FILM FESTIVAL 12th edition, competition for documentaries made after 2020. Festival is an open competition for creative documentaries and authors who represents the mountain as its main protagonist, both from the point of view of sports, adventure, culture and any other theme related to the mountain.
However will also be taken into account films that cover different themes from the mountain but which adhere to the philosophy that the Nuovi Mondi festival proposes and develops.
Works that bring the spectator to the knowledge of places, stories and marginal and hidden realities to give new perspectives and explore new or hidden forms of existence: in two words, new worlds.

1. The contest is open to all.

2. Entry to the Festival is free.

3. The participants are responsible for all expenses related to the
shipment of the documentation.

4. The Festival will be held in Valloriate in June/July 2024

5. Programming will be announced 15 days before startup event.

6. The length of the film (including titles) should not be less than 3
minutes and not more than 120 minutes. Both published and unpublished works will
be accepted.

7. All selected documentaries will be presented during the days of the

8. The authors of the selected works will be notified by email from the
direction of the Festival.

9. The jury will consist of personalities in the world of cinema and
culture. At the end of the Festival, the winners will be announced.

10. Judgment of the jury is unquestionable.

11. Copies of the documentaries will be part of the Festival Archive and
will not be returned.

12. The awards will be:
1 - Best Film Award
2 - Best mountaneering film Award
3 - Audience Award

13. The films must arrive no later than April 30 2023.

14. The festival includes a series of meetings and screenings after the
end of the event. These moments of festival promotion do not have
commercial but cultural character. Selected movies can be
screened in the events following the festival. The authors will
be informed about any projection.

15. After the end of the event, the films will be made available online on the Nuovi
Mondi called “Amerigo” ( cinema platform for a month for free

16. Three ways of subscribing to the movie are allowed:
1. FilmFreeway platform,
2. Festhome platform
3. Writing an email to containing the
youtube or vimeo link to the movie, a short synopsis and author
biofilmography. Mail object: FILM FESTIVAL SUBSCRIPTION 2024

17. The directors of selected films will be invited to attend the Festival
and will be festival guests.

18. For any questions write a mail to

By subscribing the film at the festival, you agree to this regulation

Overall Rating
  • Piccolo è bello! Un festival interessante non solo per i documentari che ho potuto vedere ed i contatti che crea, ma anche per la possibilità di incontro con un pubblico interessato. Il tutto in una location di montagna che favorisce il relax e lo scambio di opinioni

    July 2022
  • Great Festival in a small valley of Piedmont, Italy.
    Thank to Fabio&Silvia for hospitality.

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hey guys, really thanks to you for your movie!!!

  • thanks a lot off for Nuovi Mondi Mountain Film l see soon

    December 2017