Novella Film Festival is a microcosm of what the future of film should look like. It combines aspects of a traditional film festival with modern society's progression towards equality and diversity, giving voice to untold stories and helping young and/or inexperienced filmmakers get into the industry and make it their own. We want to create a space that inspires creativity and inclusivity, and provide filmmakers with the resources to continue doing what they love.

Our 10 categories are split into two subsections: Form and Perspective. The Form categories describe the more traditional format of film you are submitting, whereas the Perspective categories describe the narrative content and the point of view your film is coming from. Please note that for the Perspective categories, this represents the narrative content and not the cast and crew.

We are proud to offer high value cash prizes for all 10 of our categories, along with a choice of in-kind prize as well.

- FICTION - £2,000
- DOCUMENTARY - £1,500
- ANIMATION - £1,500
- MUSIC VIDEO - £1,000

- POC NARRATIVE - £1,000

- You must own the rights or have permission from the owner for any material in your film
- Any film in a foreign language must have English subtitles provided 
- Maximum length allowed is 35 minutes
- Any film submitted must have been made after 1st March 2021
- All submissions must be digital and in the format required 
- Novella Film Festival is not responsible for damaged or incorrect submission files 
- Any film may be submitted to 2 categories, one form and one perspective. Any one film will not however win in multiple categories
- Perspective categories are based on the narrative content of the film, not the cast or crew. 
- Submission does not guarantee screening or selection
- The selection is solely at the discretion of the jury
- All fees are non-refundable
- You must present a valid student ID to receive a student discount
- By submitting, you agree to your film potentially being screened at the awards event (if selected)
- You agree for Novella Film Festival to potentially use clips and images from your film for promotional purposes
- We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions 

Overall Rating
  • Samantha Locock

    Really exciting new festival! Great selection of films available. Thank you for awarding our short film!

    December 2022