NORIENT FESTIVAL Bern (Switzerland)

The NORIENT FESTIVAL explores the contemporary world through music and sound. We are looking for films that portray musicians, music, sound, and noise as seismographs of our time, and speak to the possibilities and challenges of the now. We screen documentaries mainly, but are open to feature films, short movies, video art, and experimental formats. Our goal is to nominate films that are getting close to people and phenomena. Films screened at the NORIENT FESTIVAL have won important awards or were nominated at major international A festivals, some have been produced very DIY and low budget. We are especially interested in films by filmmakers from outside of Europe and the U.S.

The NORIENT FESTIVAL is run by the team of Norient and the Norient Space «The Now In Sound» ( Norient was founded 2002. It is a platform/magazine/network for the sound of the world: for contemporary music, quality journalism, cutting-edge research, and multimedia projects.

The NORIENT FESTIVAL is its local window in the very special cinema Kino Reitschule in Bern, Switzerland. The festivals brings together filmmakers from all over the world, a truly dedicated audience, and fascinating films during one long weekend in mid January. The festival regularly expands to other cinemas and cities in Switzerland and beyond.

We take pride in our film program and make a big effort to find strong films. We spend a lot of time viewing all the entries, and we finally official nominate a handful of very strong films. The official nomination is our award. For the moment we decided not to introduce an audience award.

We do not offer prizes, but we invite some of the filmmakers to our festival, or we offer screening fees.

We further publish background articles about the nominated films on the well visited NORIENT SPACE «The Now In Sound».

Your film should come with German or English subtitles – even if the main language spoken in your film is English. All other terms we negotiate directly with the filmmakers and/or distributors.

Overall Rating
  • Anandita Bajpai

    what a splendid experience. simply fantastic on all fronts! thank you so very much to the entire team for making my film a part of this great festival.

    January 2023
  • Great festival! Very nice people!

    May 2021
  • Celine Carlisle

    thank you! it was a great experience! Hope next time could be "physical"

    February 2021
  • Adythia Utama

    It is great. Norient film festival appreciated my work.
    I hope i can participate again in this festival someday.

    February 2021