Human Rights Defense will, quite possibly, always be an unfinished struggle. Especially relevant in troubled times, its promotion must be pictured as an unbreakable commitment of the modern men and women and of the societies we aspire to build. Culture will always be its main weapon, as an essential tool to the creation of dialogues and bridges that can connect us to others. Also, it will always be a process of imagination and ambition for a US as diverse as humanity, as collective as nature. If no Man is (or should be) an isolated island, how can individuals and communities preserve their identity in a peaceful, constructive and enriching relationship with their surroundings? How can we make diversity our collective strength and not its opposite? How can each man and woman be able to leave their “islands” and connect with each other, without ceasing to be who they are? How can we, today, imagine and act upon the construction of a collective future where everyone truly has a place?

It is in response to these questions that NOMA AZORES - International Human Rights Film Festival emerges. A space where cinema serves as a meeting point for awareness, knowledge and action. NOMA AZORES is organized by the City Council of Ponta Delgada and produced by Associação Cultural - Silêncio Sonoro.

Best International Feature Film

Best National Feature Film

Audience Award for Best Film

1 - The festival will have its first edition from the 27th of July until the 31st and will have two competitive sections: International competition and National competition.

2 - The festival will accept submissions from films made in 2019, 2020 and 2021 that have as a theme Human Rights and that don’t have a commercial exhibition in Portugal

3 - The films submitted must comply with the following:
Have as a theme Human Rights related subjects
Be more than 60 minutes of length
Fiction, animation, documentary or experimental feature films
Produced in 2019, 2020 or 2021

4 - As this is the first year of the festival it will be free of entry fees.

5 - Films spoken in other languages than portuguese must send a formatted dialogue list in english or portuguese
6 - The films will be selected by the programming team of the festival.

7 - The jury of the festival will be composed by personalities from the world of cinema and personalities directly involved in the fight of human rights.

8 - The announcement of the selected films will be made to all candidates a month before the beginning of the festival.

9 - If your film is selected you must send:
Exhibition authorization
Electronic press kit
Posters and other promotional content
Exhibition copy on DCP format

10 - In case the film is a winner of an award at the festival it can be integrated on a festival extension in the following 4 months.

11 - Participation in the festival implies the acceptance of all its regulations.