The Nintila: Kalgoorlie Aboriginal Film Festival is an annual 5-day event run in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Nintila means, 'show it' in Goldfields Aboriginal languages.

Nintila showcases films with a significant percentage of the dialogue in an Aboriginal language. The films need to be directed or produced by Aboriginal directors, star Aboriginal actors or produced in Western Australia by an Aboriginal organisation.

Nintila runs at the Orana Cinema complex in Kalgoorlie, with a film being shown each evening.

There are 4 feature films shown in Nintila with a fifth evening for short films produced in Western Australia. In particular, films produced in the associated, 'Nintila: 5-Minute Phone Film Competition'. Information on this competition can be found in May each year on our website.

The Aboriginal languages Nintila aims to showcase are Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjarra, Cundeelee Wangka, Kuwarra, Ngadju, Kaalamaya, Tjupan, Ngalia, Manytjilytjarra, Maduwongga and Wangkatja.

There are no awards or prizes. Nintila showcases Aboriginal produced, directed or showcased films. A screening fee is paid.

Films must have a significant percentage of the dialogue in an Aboriginal language, with English subtitles.
Films must be produced or directed by an Aboriginal person, or an Aboriginal organisation.
Film for the short film evening must have at least 50% Goldfields Aboriginal language dialogue.
Films for the short film evening may be entries for the 'Nintila: 5-Minute Phone Film Competition.'