Night Terrors Film Festival is a genre festival for short films horror, thriller, supernatural, absurd - anything you can think of. Now open for submissions for the third season in 2018.

Films selected will have two screenings each, one in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus the following day. It is a great opportunity to have your short films screened for a Scandinavian audience that might not have other ways to experience your work. We accept short films with a max of 20 minutes. The screenings will have a lot of guests from outside Denmark aswell, so it must be either English language or have English subtitles provided.

Please note that if your film is selected we cannot provide travel and expenses in case you wanna visit the festival. We are not in this to make money, the low entry fee is only there to cover expenses the arrangers will have and to ensure the seriousness behind your work.

Awards & Prizes

All films selected will be considered Audience Award nominees and by the end of the festival the audience can individually vote for their picks for best three films. All winners and nominees will be announced via the festivals homepage and IMDb (if your film has already been listed in advance) shortly after the festival. Both title, director and writer will be listed.

Rules & Terms

By submitting your film and paying the entry fee you agree to allow Night Terrors Film Festival to screen your film once in Copenhagen and once in Aarhus. Night Terrors Film Festival obtains no rights other than that and you keep all rights to your work.

I understand that the festival cannot provide travel and expenses if your film is selected and you want to visit one of the screenings. I also understand that there is no cash prices or physical award trophees for winning films.

Please do not contact us for entre fee waivers. Our entry fee is very low and accomodating and a complete neccessity in order for us to run this festival!

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Fredrik Waldeland

    Two venues with cheep beer and cool people!

    March 2017
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    Devi Snively

    My only regret is we couldn't fly out for this fabulous fest. Apparently both nights sold out, and judging by the conscientiousness of the fest director, I've no doubt our film played in very good company. Great, swift and helpful communication. A class act fest for sure. Very filmmaker friendly.

    February 2017
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    René Wiesner

    Overall it was one of the greatest festivals I have ever attended. The organisation was great and the line up was really fabulous. The next time I will have a short movie I will clearly submit again. The money I spent was well invested. Thank you so much!

    February 2017