The 2018 edition of the festival is being held as part of the World Film Fair, NY which is taking place the 31 of October, 2018.

For three days and nights, film lovers from throughout the world descend upon one of the birthplaces of the film industry to get their fill of new film culture, superb cuisine, and the sites of New York City.

Every year the festival holds an opening ceremony, panel discussions, screenings.

The New York State Film Festival public relations and marketing teams shine the spotlight on the festival’s attending filmmakers, disseminating countless media impressions throughout the world and providing filmmakers with new opportunities for exposure and huge, enthusiastic audiences.

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Director’s Work
Best Documentary Film
Best Animation Work
Best Camera Work
Best One-Minute Film

To qualify for consideration, all submissions must have completed an electronic or paper entry form, nonrefundable entry fee and screener.
New York State Film Festival is unable to waive entry fees or provide discounts beyond those indicated.
New York State Film Festival is open to U.S. and international entries. English language or English subtitles only.
Submission materials will not be returned (unless requested and a shipping payment provided).
New York State Film Festival retains sole discretion to accept or decline submissions for any reason. Submission of a film does not guarantee exhibition in the festival. The decision of the New York State Film Festival Selection Committee is final.
Selected film entries will be notified directly at least 1 month prior to festival. Declined applicants will be notified by email following the decision of the New York State Film Festival Selection Committee.
New York State Film Festival accepts no responsibility for late, lost, damaged or ineligible entries. Exhibition film prints and videotapes will be handled with utmost care. However, New York State Film Festival cannot assume liability for damage to or loss of these materials.
By entering New York State Film Festival, applicants certify that they have the legal right to submit and exhibit the film. The applicant is hereby responsible and liable for any breach of rights or the law in the submission and exhibition process.
By entering New York State Film Festival, the entrant grants the right to publish or transmit portions of the film for the purpose of press or promotion, unless otherwise noted.
A digital screener can be provided via Vimeo or other video or file-sharing platform. Viewing rights are restricted to festival staff and selection committee members only.