We all have a role in our lives, so are film festivals.
New York Japan CineFest’s mission is clear. To explore and find unique talent, support their work, vision and cause as we provide a creative playground in the most exciting city in the world, New York City. The festival was founded by two filmmakers, Yasu Suzuki, Kosuke Furukawa, and an event producer, Hiroshi Kono.

It was planned for a rather small one-night event. While these three friends were organizing the event, a devastating earthquake occurred in their home country of Japan in 2011. Since then, their motivation geared up to connect Asian films with American and world films and shake up the ground in a positive way to raise spirits. NYJCF focuses on independent filmmakers who are committing their full potential to express their voice and vision with the world.

We set the event date for the Beginning of November 2023. We will hold the festival at our home venue, Asia Society in Manhattan, if they are available, or we will find another venue for the event. The selected movies will be streaming on our festival site. Then some movies among those selected will be screened at the venue.

NYJCF encourages submissions of films that are relevant to Japan, Japanese American and the Japanese communities all around the world, regardless of nationality of filmmakers and production’s country of origin. We also invite films outside of a Japanese subject which are filmed by at least one key creator of Japanese heritage.

After the season-opening, any of the selected films have a chance to be screened at our sister film events around the USA and Japan.

-Best Short Film Award

-Audience Award

1) Films completed after January 1, 2022
2) Maximum duration: 40 min
3) Country of production: All countries
4) Screening format: MP4
5) Accepted genres: All genres, Not including music video
6) Music rights: cleared
7) Dialogues: If the dialogue language is not English, preview copy and screening film must be subtitled in English (If you need English Subtitle, let us know! We have English Subtitle service )
8)Short Film Market: All the submission will be registered to the short film market.
9)Theme of the movie is associated with Japan or Japanese culture.
10) If the submitted film is outside of Japanese subject, at least one key creator need to be of Japanese heritage

Overall Rating