The New York Immigration Film Festival, connects global filmmakers, who are Immigrants themselves or working on an Immigration subject.
Probably it is hard to find another city in the world having more immigrants then New York. New York is like big family where people speak and think in different languages, but still work in the same language. It is a city of dreams. Here people from all aver the world come to make their dreams come true. Some of them are lucky to get a portion of their American Dream, while others are still struggling to achieve their goals. But everyone’s story is interesting in its own way.
Our festival will be some kind of mirror of these people. No matter your story is about success or not, we still want to hear it. Let’s laugh and smile together and share our experience thought film medium.

1. International Feature

2. International Female Filmmaker - Feature

3. International Animation Feature

4. International Documentary

5. International Female Filmmaker - Documentary

6. International Short Fiction

7. International Female Filmmaker - Short Fiction

8. International Animation Short

9. International Short Documentary

10. International Female Filmmaker - Short Documentary

11. International Student Film

12. International Music Video

13. Made in USA Feature

14. Made in USA Female Filmmaker - Feature

15. Made in USA Animation Feature

16. Made in USA Documentary

17. Made in USA Short Fiction

18. Made in USA Female Filmmaker - Short Fiction

19. Made in USA Animation short

20. Made in USA Short Documentary

21. Made in USA Female Filmmaker - Short Documentary

22. Made in USA Student Film

24. Made in USA Music Video

1. Festival refrains from programming films for competition that have already been released theatrically or have DVD sales or online streaming prior to the competition of the 2017 NYIIFF.
2. Festival may screen the films that have already been released theatrically or have DVD sales or online streaming.
3. Works in Progress ARE NOT CONSIDERED. Please submit films in their final, complete state.
4. Chosen films will be screened in public during the 2017 NYIIFF.
5. If Festival travels, chosen films will travel with NYIIFF.
6. NYIIFF has rights to expunge from chosen films 1- 3 minutes to use for promotion for the festival, press kit, in websites and other social media.
7. All entry films must have copyrights for music, script, writer and talents. Films without copyrights will not be considered.
8. All entry films must be submitted as an Online screener or Vimeo link.
9. NO DVD submissions will be returned.
10. NO REFUNDS will be granted to any submission. Please be advised that festival entry fees are nonrefundable for all filmmakers.
11. All entries must be either in the English Language or be subtitled in the English Language.
12. Film presentations are scheduled at the discretion of the NYIIFF and are subject to change.
13. Films chosen for competition are judged by a select panel of jurors who are active industry professionals from various filmmaking fields.
14. Awards will be announced at the final screening on the last day of the NYIIFF, (including award ceremony) and all competition films are strongly encouraged to have a film representative in attendance.
15. ALL FILMMAKERS will be notified on or around September 10th, 2017. This is a subject to change, please be patient. DO NOT EMAIL THE FESTIVAL ORGANIZERS before September 10th to “Check the status of your film”. Everyone will be notified by email.