The New Age Cinemas & Scripts (NACS) is a bi-annual festival with two grand live screening events in a year. We promote filmmakers and screenplay writers locally and globally. We provide an all inclusive platform where you can promote your work, share your thoughts, make friends from the industry.

We screen your films in state of the art theatres, promote your work in every way and have an eager audience ready to watch your masterpiece.

The winners in the screenplay category are given slots where they can read out excerpts from the scripts in front of the audience.

We are intensely committed to promote independent artists and celebrate their work by giving them access to an eager, intelligent and sensitive audience.


Keeping the severity of the COVID 19 situation in Maharashtra in mind, we are not hosting a live screening this season. Every submitted work shall be duly promoted on social media.

Award Categories -

Films -

Audience Award
Jury's Choice
Best Producer
Best Director
Best Director of Photography
Best Cinematographer
Best Special Effects
Best Actor
Best Editor
Best Animation
Best Debut Short
Best Debut Feature
Best Student Short
Best Student Feature
Best Drama Short
Best Drama Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Experimental Short
Best Experimental Feature
Best Romantic Short
Best Romantic Feature
Best Social Short
Best Social Feature
Best New Age Short
Best New Age Feature
Best LGBTQIA Short
Best LGBTQIA Feature
Best Regional Short
Best Regional Feature
Best Comedy Short
Best Comedy Feature
Best Thriller Short
Best Thriller Feature
Best Horror Short
Best Horror Feature
Best Fantasy Short
Best Fantasy Feature
Best VR Film
Best Micro Short - Under 5 minutes
Best Foreign Film
Best Music Video
Best Sci Fi Short
Best Sci Fi Film
Best Ad Film


Best Short Screenplay
Best Feature Screenplay
Best Characters
Best Dialogues
Best Thriller Screenplay
Best Horror Screenplay
Best Comedy Screenplay
Best Romantic Screenplay
Best Social Screenplay
Best Sci Fi Screenplay

Award: Laurels and Printable Digital Certificates. Winners can apply for a trophy. We can ship the trophy to provided address. Courier charges shall be paid by the applicant.

1. We do not have any restriction on the production year.
2. While we need your work to be essentially original, if you have used music/image/video from any open source, we need you to declare the same with source credits.
3. Every submission shall be considered original submission unless otherwise declared. The festival organizers shall not be responsible for copyright issues, if any.
4. English subtitles are mandatory. Films may get disqualified if there are no English subtitles attached to the file submitted.
5. The judgement of the juries is unchangeable at all times.
6. Official Selection Laurel and a printable certificate is provided to every selected work for their promotion.
7. Winners shall get a winner's laurel and a printable certificate for their promotion.
8. No refund on withdrawal or if the film/screenplay is disqualified. Disqualification may happen due to the following -
a) If it promotes hatred/bias and or discriminates on the basis of gender, race, caste, color, language, religion, atheism, community, sexual orientation and identity.
b) If the screenplay is not in English or the video file does not have English subtitles.
c) If it maligns any individual's reputation or harms her/him/them in any manner.
9. We do not have anything against mature content provided it does not objectify/glorify objectification of any being and all the performers/characters in such film/screenplay are of legal age.
10. Upon receiving a request we organize the logistics of sending out trophy(ies) to title winner(s) through an agency and only courier cost is payable by the applicant. We, however, encourage title winners to be present during the event to collect the trophy(ies) in person.

Overall Rating
  • Jamon Holmes

    Great Festival to be a part of, thank you having my work.

    July 2021
  • Ana A P. Braunstein

    Our Gratitude to New Age Cinema & Scripts Judges for your Selection of our Film "this Case & My Life"! It is an honor to be a part of your Film Festival!

    Ana A P Braunstein

    July 2021
  • Wonderful festival. We apprecate the award, too!

    July 2021
  • Thank you so much for including us in this exciting festival. We are so honored to have received Official Selection for our experimental short film Avatar Gates of Power. It is so exciting to receive such positive feedback for our trailblazing work in the genre of Sound Healing as a Visual and Audio Multi Sensory odyssey for the soul. The world is ready for new kinds of experiences in film and music. Thanks so much!

    Heather Salmon & Donny Regal
    Black Swan Temple
    Maui, Hawaii

    April 2021
  • Love the festival. Great concept. Prompt in their communications and supportive of us artists. Can't wait to submit another project to this terrific festival.

    April 2021