Celebrating 25 Years in 2024!

Created in 1999, The NEVERMORE Film Festival is an International juried competition festival which programs brand-new genre feature and short films from around the world. The festival seeks submissions for horror, science fiction, animation (horror/sci-fi themed), and mystery/suspense.

Nevermore has been selected as a "Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals" by FilmFreeway and "One of the Best Horror Film Festivals in the World" by Dread Central.

We are NOT seeking dramas or comedies (unless they have a definitive horror or sci-fi theme), documentaries, or "crime" thrillers (Pulp Fiction, gangster films; you get the idea.)

More than 1500 features and shorts have screened at the festival in its 25 year run. It has gained an international reputation as one of the premiere genre festivals in the United States.

Nevermore has hosted many artists over the years. The festival is a great place for artists to network. An Artist Luncheon is held on the Saturday morning of the festival for artists to meet and mingle with one another.

JURY AWARDS (Categories vary by year according to eligible entries)
Best Feature
Best Animated Film (Feature or Short)
Best Short (1-19 min; US/Canada)
Best Short (1-19 min; International)
Best Horror-Comedy Short
Best Science Fiction Short

AUDIENCE AWARDS (Categories vary by year according to eligible entries)
Best Feature
Best Short (1-19 min; US/Canada)
Best Short (1-19 min; International)
Best Animated Short

The DEADLINE to submit a SHORT (1-54 min) is November 30, 2023. Beyond that date, we are only accepting FEATURES (55 min+).

In 2024, Nevermore will be a Hybrid Festival, meaning that certain programs will be available at BOTH the in-person festival as well as the Virtual Festival. All SHORTS (1-54 min) will appear at both versions of the festival. Features (55 min+) can opt-out of the virtual edition.

Nevermore is seeking new narrative feature and short films that have NOT yet been released (or planned to be released) on streaming services, DVD/BluRay, or other pay services prior to March 1, 2024. VOD is acceptable. (If your feature film is ONLY available for purchase on your website but NOT on any other service such as Amazon, etc., it is indeed eligible.)

Films that are 2+ years or older are ineligible.

Short films that are available on Youtube, Vimeo or other media services are indeed eligible.

Nevermore does NOT accept unsolicited documentaries. Nevermore does NOT accept music videos or similar.

All films, regardless of length, are digitally projected. Digital files must be in DCP, .mp4, Apple ProRes, .mov, .avi, or .wmv formats.

If your film contains scenes of graphic hardcore sexual material, rape, or simulated animal torture, please notify us as such on your submission listing. Certain jury members are sensitive to this content. If we are unable to "flag" these submissions in advance for committee members, your film may be rejected due to low scores. It is better to forewarn us in advance so we can notify jury members rather than catch them off-guard.

If accepted, Nevermore does NOT pay for artist transportation such as airfare, train, etc. We also do not coordinate travel arrangements with International Cultural Agencies.

Overall Rating
  • LOVED it! We felt truly respected by the whole team and they do an amazing job at shining a light on every single filmmaker and their project, whether short or feature length. Chuck Wheeler's summary of our film made us felt so seen and appreciated.

    This festival is a must!

    June 2023
  • Elise Finnerty

    Love this festival. So professional and kind. Looking forward to joining again!

    March 2023
  • Everything was fantastic about this festival, from the communication to the presentation, I can't recommend it enough. I wasn't able to attend by our producer/actress did and she said it was one of the best times she's had a festival. Everyone was so kind and inviting and went out of their way to make the filmmakers feel included.

    Then even spent the time to make a post about each film leading up to the festival that included a review of the film and I think that was a really amazing personal touch!

    March 2023
  • Craig Renfroe

    So grateful to have been a part of Nevermore! An amazing festival for horror fans and filmmakers! The communication and care that Jim and his team take make the experience fantastic! Highly recommended!

    March 2023
  • Taylor Hensley

    Beautiful festival with beautiful people and beautiful films. The people involved really care about these films and the festival.

    March 2023