Native Lens
Filmmaker Showcase
March 2nd, 2024 at Durango Arts Center (DAC) located at 802 E 2nd Ave, Durango, CO 81301
Native Lens will showcase a limited curation from the selected films that celebrate and exemplify the goals of increasing Native and Indigenous representation in front and behind the camera. The Native Lens Filmmaker Showcase is a collaboration between Native Lens and the Durango Independent Film Festival (DIFF) based in Durango, Colorado.
This event will include the premiere of the 2024 Native Lens Fellowship films.
All selected Native Lens films will also be showcased on our online platform.
Native Lens is a collaborative film and video project hosted by KSUT Tribal Radio and Rocky Mountain PBS. The project provides training initiatives and showcases films produced by Indigenous peoples in North America. By sharing firsthand Native perspectives, Native Lens works to amplify Indigenous voices through storytelling.

The topic is yours to choose as we welcome submissions from Native and/or Indigenous storytellers of all ages for your stories of love, grief, laughter, tradition, art, inspiration, inequity, how your life has changed because of COVID-19, or something else entirely.

Two to five minute mini-documentaries are what we are primarily looking for, but poetry, a song, an image – anything is fine – as long as it tells your story on video.

We hope to share your vision on our public media platforms to ensure that you are seen and heard. We also look forward to the possibility of some stories being broadcast on Rocky Mountain PBS.

You can access our submission page through these links:

All filmmakers must identify as Native and/or Indigenous based in North America.

Inviting Native and Indigenous stories to be seen and heard.

Imagining the Four Corners as a vibrant media landscape prominently featuring Indigenous narratives. Creating a regional, multimedia consortium of media organizations with the capacity to produce content on the Four Corners for a regional and national audience.

Rocky Mountain PBS
Native Lens is led by Rocky Mountain PBS’ (RMPBS) Regional Innovation Center in Durango, Colorado, based in the Ballantine Media Center at Fort Lewis College. The project supports RMPBS’ mission to ensure all Coloradans’ stories are seen and heard.

KSUT Tribal Radio
KSUT Tribal Radio was started in 1976 as a communication tool for the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council to provide information to Tribal members. Today it’s a source of Native music, news, cultural programming and local tribal information. KSUT is an NPR affiliate station.

The Colorado Health Foundation
The Colorado Health Foundation believes health is a basic human right. We know that stories can help illustrate the far-reaching impact of health disparities and storytelling can play a unique role in advancing conversations about health equity. Learn more at

Fort Lewis College
Because of its unique origins as a military fort turned Indian boarding school turned state public school, Fort Lewis College and the State of Colorado provide a tuition waiver for qualified Native American students. Over 170 Native American tribes and Alaska Native villages are represented among FLC’s Indigenous students.

Length: Selected submissions will be shared at lengths from one to five minutes.

Editing: If you have editing capabilities, please submit an edited piece. If you are not able to edit your story, it is not a problem! You can submit unedited footage and Native Lens can work with you to edit your story.

Thank you for sharing your story. Once our team has reviewed your submission, we will contact you to let you know whether or not your content will be shared as part of Native Lens at this point in time. If you have not heard back and would like to check on the status of your submission, please email us at

Terms & Conditions
Agreement between Rocky Mountain Public Media/KSUT Tribal Radio and their associates (“RMPM/KSUT”) and you.

Agreement Term: From submission date through Perpetuity
Markets: All Worldwide Media

RMPM/KSUT has an initiative currently called “Native Lens (“The Project”) – with the “Intended Uses” of having two-minute to five-minute Native/Indigenous stories seen and heard through all of our collective platforms (broadcast, radio, digital, social, and any other means of distribution including libraries, archives, and schools).
RMPM/KSUT is requesting these stories to be used individually, in compilations, and for all forms of promotion.
And you, the Owner, are submitting a media presentation (the “Film”) for this Project..
You, the Owner, by submitting your Film, grant to RMPM/KSUT the non-exclusive right to exhibit and share (“Distribute”) the Film based on the terms and conditions below. RMPM/KSUT and Owner agree to the following:
1. Owner represents that Owner is the sole creator of the Film.
2. Owner represents that no one else’s rights will be violated by any the use of the Film.
3. You, the Owner, shall at all times retain copyright ownership in the Film.
4. Owner agrees to permanently give RMPM/KSUT the unlimited non-exclusive right to Distribute the Film through any and all media forever.
5. Owner acknowledges that there will be no payment for the Film and that RMPM/KSUT has no further obligation to you, the Owner.
6. Owner gives to RMPM/KSUT the permanent worldwide right to advertise and promote the Film.
7. Owner gives RMPM/KSUT permission to use the names and images of the people who appear in the Film for promotion and social engagement related to The Project.
8. If anyone other than the Owner appears in the film, the Owner will ask that person(s) to sign a RMPM/KSUT release form that will be provided upon request.
9. Owner pledges that if any music is included in the Film, although none is required, this music is original music and that RMPM/KSUT may use this music in connection with any use of the Film.
10. Owner agrees that RMPM/KSUT may add music and graphics to the Film.
11. Owner may be asked to do interviews on behalf of The Project, which would be appreciated but not mandatory.
12. If you, the Owner give rights to the Film to any other parties, you must notify RMPM/KSUT and these other parties about this Agreement first.
13. Owner gives to RMPM/KSUT the permission to edit and/or add elements (for example, titles and credits) to the Film.
14. Owner gives RMPM/KSUT the right to use the Film in compilations with other films for The Project.
15. Owner agrees that Owner has right and authority to enter into this Agreement – and that, to the best of your knowledge, nothing in the Film violates the rights of any person, tribe or entity.
16. Owner agrees that RMPM/KSUT is not obligated to Distribute or advertise the Film.
17. Owner agrees that you are 18 years of age in order sign this Agreement. If Owner is under 18 years of age, Owner’s parent or guardian must sign this Agreement on your behalf.
18. This Agreement falls under the laws of the State of Colorado, and any disputes must be handled exclusively in the state or federal courts located in or near Denver, ColoradoYou, the Owner, agree that by submitting your Film to RMPM/KSUT, you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.