4rd edition.

Our next edition shall be hybrid, offering in person screenings and event and remote options for filmmakers who are not in a position to travel to TN.

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Also look at our mothership event the Paris Play Film Festival:
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Welcome to The Nashville Play Film Festival.

We are watching new films, scouting for emerging talents, we are listening to songwriters and we offer our expertise to entertain a new event: the Nashville Play Film Festival.

7 years ago, the Paris Play Film Festival was created. Slowly but surely, the “Play Fest” became home for international artists looking for a real and nice festival to showcase their films.

4,000 submissions later, the Play Fest awarded more than 300 artists and selected close to 1,000 that screened in the City of Love, capital of France.

The Play Fest has grown with its community. In 2021, it celebrated its 25th anniversary edition.

Based on years of experience, and with the objective to expand opportunities and reach new horizons, we started thinking of creating a new branch.

We considered many cities and several towns.

Nashville seemed the perfect fit.

Our name “Play” just matches exactly Music City, and the metro area, growing fast, is a place where audiences enjoy a good time and respect the artists bringing their art souls on stage.

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The Nashville Play Film Festival welcomes all filmmakers, and all singer songwriters.

From Music Row to Broadway, the movers and shakers are in Nashville, and there’s more to it than meet the eyes: we ambition to flash the spotlight on artists who need it, and to support those early starters who are already working hard to stand out.

There is value in what you create. We know it, and we support it.

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ℹ️ Our process is transparent:
- we review the films as they arrive (international team).
- our team is fully booked 3 days before the last deadline to review late submissions, films and scripts.
We do recommend please (^^) to submit the earliest as possible, but we work consistently to deliver on our promise to list our results every 27th-28th-29th each month.

The Play Film Festival in Paris is inspired by the new wave of French Cinema. Elegance, creativity, boldness…

The same description applies to Nashville and the artists the city hosted for decades.

The Nashville Play Film Festival will proceed to a high-end selection, with the objective is to mix interactive talent competition with a human scale quality selection.

See all categories on the right side of the FilmFreeway page.

Winners receive free winning laurels.
Winners receive free digital certificate, ready to print.

Accepted lengths :
- all video short form under 30 min,
- Music Videos under 6 minutes.

Accepted languages :
- any language
- english subtitles if not English spoken / sung

All fees are non-refundable.
You must own all the rights to your submission.

By submitting your film, you agree that the trailer or a clip of your film will be used for promotional purpose.
We do no publish or use ANY of the audio tracks we receive - those are ONLY for consideration by the team and staff for the purpose of the competition.

DATE of the festival is subject to change to get the right venue for the event.

If your film is missing, your submission will be downgraded to incomplete, before to be updated to not selected or disqualified.
If you are selected and you do not send your film, your submission will be downgraded to not selected or disqualified. It is not mandatory to provide your film for screening, but it is not accepted for a selected or winning filmmaker to no return any communications with the festival.
Festivals decisions are final.

We may change the category of your submission if it doesn't fit, or if it offers you a better chance in another category.

We do not pay screening fees. Film Freeway is a third party platform you chose to use to submit for consideration to festivals.
We might set up screenings for free, or with a box 0ffice, at the discretion of the festival, and there will be no share of gross with participating filmmakers.
By submitting to the festival, you expressly authorize the festival and its affiliates to use every piece of content and information presented in your Film Freeway project page, in connection to the festival, the event, and for promotion of the festival, now and in the future. That includes all videos, pictures, texts (biography, logline and other) hosted on your Film Freeway project page submitted to us.

Overall Rating
  • How awesome to win with my script "Wendy Comes Home"! Great communication, too. Keep up the good work!

    July 2022
  • The best festival and the best experience
    Glad to be a part of it

    July 2022
  • I'm very satisfied with this festival, excellent organization and communication, highly recommended! Thank you so much for choosing my script "Poor Little Boy" in the Official Selection!

    July 2022
  • LyAndre Pierre

    My hometown. I was very happy to get into this festival. Thanks for the selection.

    March 2022
  • Abe Lincoln

    Great experience! I was thrilled to be a part of this festival. The communication was excellent, and I was very impressed with the quality of filmmaking that was on display. I look forward to submitting my next project next season.

    March 2022