A Namibian Multidisciplinary Artist
Namafu Amutse is a multidisciplinary artist who explores art forms filmmaking, photography, directing and writing. She started photographing around September of 2019 and has since created a number of photography concepts centering black people with the main theme being Afrofuturism inspired by artists such as Trevor Stuurman, Manthe Ribane and Masiyaleti Mbewe to name a few. Her work is fuelled by Southern African tradition, feminism and Afrofuturism.

Amutse has no qualifications in any of the artforms. She is a self taught artist currently studying towards a Bachelors of Education Honours in English and German at the University of Namibia. Born in 1998 in Walvis Bay, Namibia and works as a freelance photographer.

Since September 2019 she has created the following titled photography concepts - Setting West, Texture, Bright Eyes Into Afrofuturism, She, All Colours in One At Full Brightness, Afrofuturism Meets The Ovambo People, Flamingo, Coral Reef, Omwenyo, Passing Through, Breathe, The Duo, Skin, Chrysalis, There Once Were Two Sisters that excludes untitled work as well as client work. Much of her photography has been featured on major art Instagram platforms such as Crwn Magazine, The Bright Continent, Afriquette, Xtraxa, Amplifying Africa, My Beautiful Africa, Afrodyssee and Afropunk. Some of her images have been featured in the first issue of a US based online PITCH Magazine in February of 2020.

Amutse wrote and directed her first short film in September of 2019 fully funded by the Goethe Institute of Namibia and produced by Pegasus Entertainment Productions. Her short film titled Mukumo premiered in July of 2020. She directed her first music video titled Melanin Mantra by Sage Smoke in December 2019, followed by Namibian rapper Lioness featuring Waters titled Feelings which premiered in August 2020 and thereafter the Multiplier video by Ndeshi Way ft G3mini in January 2021. In October - November 2020, Namafu had her first solo exhibition titled Bright Eyes Into Afrofuturism which took place at Cafe Prestige curated by Hildegard Titus of Efano Efano Gallery. In November of 2020, Amutse’s work titled Chrysalis was featured in the fourth issue of Doek!, a Namibian literary magazine and one of her images graced the cover. In collaboration with Sister Namibia in December 2020, Namafu created artwork for a fanzine titled How To Be Okay When Nothing Is Okay.
University of Namibia
English and German
High School
Deutsche Hohere Privatschule
Birth Date
July 30, 1998
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Walvis Bay
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A Namibian Multidisciplinary Artist