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NYLIFF, now entering its FIFTH year will once again be making changes and additions. Our team is already hard at work planning for 2023 and will continue in multiple locations over multiple days. NYLIFF 2021 was a HUGE success and we thank everyone who submitted films and attended the festival and all who will be attending the 2022 festival as well as all our sponsors and the local community. We are committed to our mission statement of being the festival for everyone and accepting films from ALL budgets, genres and subject matter and providing a place where filmmakers can meet, grow and network.

The New York Long Island Film Festival which debuted Nov. 2019 returned on October 2020 at the Lindenhurst Moose Lodge in front of a live sold out crowd! NYLIFF was committed to giving the filmmakers and their teams the opportunity to show their films, receive feedback and audience reaction and network with other creative minds and talents and as such was the ONLY FESTIVAL to go fully live in 2020!

Our goal continues to be to give equal opportunity to ALL filmmakers, writers and artists who put their HEART and SOUL into their craft, especially those who may not have all the resources necessary to perfectly polish their work! Artists in the past were discovered for their unique talents and abilities even if all the technical aspects were not in place. Recognizing a great story, actor, script or any other artist while not yet perfected should be the job of those doing the evaluating. Whether you have a 10 million dollar indie or an ultra low-budget iphone short, we are interested in you.

Our growing team brings years of experience as writers, actors, musicians and of course filmmakers, dedicated to bringing the greatest talents to our big screens as well as discovering those hidden geniuses and gems out there. It is this standard of excellence and commitment we hope will establish us as the most innovative, all-inclusive festival in the New York area for years to come.

The festival will take place in Lindenhurst New York, on Long Island - less than an hour from Manhattan, with ease of travel by car or train.

We will be presenting Q & A with filmmakers, actors and business people and encourage networking, filmmakers young and old and brain-storming. We will be posting updates throughout the year on all the new developments we are preparing for 2022!

BRAND NEW FOR OUR FOURTH YEAR: There will be PHYSICAL awards (Being designed now)for each category of films including actor/actress, director awards, best film, editing, cinematography and audience awards.
There will also be one of our favorite awards:
The Spirit of NYLIFF Award - for the film that has "no right" to be as good as it is with the resources available to it. 2021 award and cash prize went to The Casual Crew for their film Missing Pictures.

Rules & Terms

Rules & Regulations

Terms and Conditions:

I, the authorized representative of the project being submitted acknowledge the following:

1. I represent and warrant to the Institute that: (a) I am duly authorized, on my own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who have any ownership rights or interests
2. I further represent and warrant, on behalf of myself and the Project’s Owners, that the exhibition of the Project at the Festival will not violate or infringe any copyright, patent, privacy right, publicity right, trademark, service mark or any other personal or property right of any person or entity, and that the Project does not constitute or include a defamation of any person or entity.
3. I nor any of the Project’s Owners will receive any compensation for such exploitation, although some prizes at the Festival may include cash awards.
4. By completing my submission application for 2019 New York Long Island Film Festival consideration via FilmFreeway, I freely and voluntarily give and express my full and complete acceptance of all of the terms and provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. I acknowledge that no oral representations, inducements, promises or assurances of any kind, and no representations, inducements, promises or assurances not set forth in these Terms and Conditions, have been made to me or the Project’s Owners by the Festival, or any NYLIFF Related Parties.
5. By entering project into the festival, full permission is granted to use clips and excerpts to promote the film and the festival prior to the event as well as full permission for showing the film in the event NYLIFF decides on a virtual component to the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks so much to the NYLIFF team for selecting our film 'For Roger' and awarding us with many honors! This is a fantastic festival run by wonderful people, and one I believe all budding filmmakers should take part in.

    December 2021
  • Nicholas James D'Agosta

    A welcoming festival where films are recognized for their creativity!

    November 2021
  • Stephen Mills

    You have to send your film to this festival. Katie and Gerry (Programmer and Founder respectively) take such an interest in filmmakers and work hard to provide a real event of exchange for their audiences. Though I could only attend virtually, I got their local and cozy vibe and quickly began to envy those who could attend in-person. We did get an award which was a super recognition from afar--but this is a festival where you want to be near. Stephen Keep Mills, writer/director Love is not Love

    November 2021
  • mauricio zapata

    A fest that’s pro filmmaker ! Had a good time as two of my short films screened !
    Highly Recommend it !

    November 2021
  • Frank Vespe

    When I entered the Festival, I thought for a second I was in the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, as the massive NYLIFF backdrop and paparazzi made me wish I wore a tux. I am so sorry I didn't stay for the Awards' Ceremony, but seeing TV actress Lisa Cole in our music video, MAYBE TONIGHT, on a 30 foot movie screen, and then everyone applaud when it ended, was too overwhelming for me, and I couldn't allow Gerry, Kathleen and everyone else see me cry, as it would ruin my image, so I saved that for the car. I truly thank the wonderful team at NYLIFF for this wonderful award, it was an amazing event! I cannot wait til next year. (Unless they have one every six months?)

    November 2021