Global Cinema in New Jersey.

The NJ International Short Film Festival (NJISFF) is a celebration of short (<40 minutes) films created all over the world, hosted in the "Garden State," New Jersey.

Prizes will consist of trophies for all Winners who are present at the festival, as well as Laurels.

Awards will be primarily based on genre, and will only be awarded if a sufficient number of films in that genre are selected into the festival.

Anticipated awards include:
Best Short
Best Comedy
Best Horror
Best Animated
Best Documentary

NJ International Short Film Festival (NJISFF) accepts narrative (all genres), documentary, animation and experimental films.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
We do not accept free submission/entry waiver.
All films must be in English or have English subtitles.
There is no limit on number of submissions per person.
There is no limit on production date.
All films must have an online screener.
Filmmakers retain the rights to their films.
Filmmakers are responsible for acquiring copyrights, licenses and releases for media used in their films.
Competition categories are open to the United States and International entries.
Film must be submitted by midnight on the Final Deadline.
Filmmakers must submit preview screeners via Any other method must receive prior approval from the festival.
Film must be of high visual and audio quality.
Filmmakers should submit promotional stills for marketing purposes.
Open to all nationalities and ages.
Open to all filmmakers.
We accept films already submitted to and/or selected to other film festivals.
We don't discriminate against any films that have been published online via a video hosting website. Open to all films that have not had a theatrical distribution.
If officially selected, it is the responsibility of the submitter to send the festival their film for digital download. Most formats are acceptable.
The Festival has the right to screen any film or projects submitted.
Given the uncertainty regarding COVID 19 pandemic restrictions, please understand that plans for a physical festival must remain flexible. We anticipate and hope to have a physical festival, but there will likely be an online festival component as well.
Judges' decisions are final.

This is a SHORT film festival. We are using the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science definition of a short film as "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits.” This festival further breaks down into other length categories:
Short Films (5:01 to 40 minutes)
Super-Short Films (61 seconds to 5 minutes)
Ultra-Short Films (up to 60 seconds, including opening and closing credits.)

In the interest of promoting emerging filmmakers, this festival also has Student Film categories (under 40 minutes) where the competition for awards will only be against other student films. Films must have been filmed, wrapped, edited, and completed between the months (inclusive) of September 2019 and March 2022 by HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE or GRADUATE students. Entries are to be made, and Awards are planned to be given in each Student category, unless an insufficient number of films has been entered into each one, in which case the judges may elect to combine two, or all three Student categories into one for awards.

Overall Rating
  • Hui Tan

    I deeply appreciate the opportunity from NJ International Short Film Festival, which also provide a great platform for our filmmakers to communicate and learn from each others!

    July 2022
  • Cally Trench

    It was an honour to be included in the Festival. Thank you very much. You made the online element very straightforward. I hope that the live in-person screening was fun for the people who were able to be there. I wish I could have made it to NJ from the UK!

    June 2022
  • Gregory Fisco

    It was truly very exciting to be apart of The NJ international Short Film festival, this was our first time winning at a film festival and it made the crew and cast so proud! Thank you for selecting us to be apart of your festival! We're excited to submit again!

    December 2021
  • Thank you so much NJISFF for including my micro-short film Gaze in your festival. Absolutely humbled and appreciative for all that you do, so grateful!

    March 2021
  • Thank you NJISFF for the best experience! Such a welcoming and encouraging festival! And we are grateful for the award for our film Butterfly.

    February 2021