Welcome to the museum of terror. A film festival that will showcase the best in independent horror films and other horror related fun. The festival is run by John Williams, a horror film maker with titles such as Crispy's Curse, Tales of the creeping death, The Slayers etc, so he knows the challenges involved in low budget film making.

When judging your film we look for quality, good acting etc but the most important thing is that your film will entertain a crowd. We are looking for scary, funny, gory, creepy etc etc.

We are open to entries from all over the world.

Deep in the bowels of a huge museum is a 300 seat purpose built cinema. The potteries museum and art gallery in Staffordshire is the home to many ancient artifacts including a full size spitfire (the spitfire designer was local to the area) . The museum is also supposed to be haunted, so it may not be just the films that will give you a fright.

Your film, if selected , will be shown on a high quality projector on a huge screen so don't worry, your film is in good hands. Our intention is to have some special guests to hand out the awards on the night. All winners will receive a trophy.

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Micro Short
Best Music Video
Best Script
Best local film
Best web series

If your film is in anything but English, please provide subtitles if available.
Please do not send any pornographic films.