Video Arte Faenza its a contemporary international video art screening. Started in 2018 with screening scenarios in Colombia and Cuba

The first display was screened in May 2018. 70 video works were screened in the programmes: ‘Feel-it’, ‘Abstract-it’, ‘Play Local’ and ‘Ephemeral’ together with the screening of the video work by guest artists Miler Lagos and Ricardo Moreno

The second edition was screened in May 2019. 82 video works from 73 different countries were selected and curated in the programmes ‘Abstract-it’, ‘Human’, ‘Play Local’ and ‘Social does not mean nonpolitical’ together with the video work by guest artists Mario Opazo (retrospective of his video work) and Mauricio Rivera Henao.

VAF travelled to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, in 2019, by invite from artist and curator Frank Lahera O’Callaghan and Asociación de los Hermanos Saíz -AHS-, whom with VAF begins an official association, adding Cuba as an scenario to screen VAF yearly, in the Caribbean isle.

The third edition took place in Bogota at the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Theatre in May 2021 and was presented again in September of the same year in the City of Medellin at the Bolivarian Pontifical University. For this edition we received pieces from more than 80 countries. It was carried out restrospectiva of the artists HUGUES CLÉMENT and CALDERÓN & PIÑEROS: THE DECANATURA. And there was also the exchange of the curatorship of the Mexican VideoTitlan festival of the city and Oaxaca.

For the new edition opens call this 2023

The open call will select pieces of work which:

• Add to the discourse of contemporary art
• Are coherent with their own discourse and the materialization of it (digitalization of image)
• Quality of videographic work

Selected works will be organized in projection programmes according to the discourse and conversation between them.

We invite established artists as well as emerging ones together with students to participate and share their work in progress or finished one and be part of the second version of Video Arte Faenza


• Top duration per video: 5 minutes

• Selected videos will be projected on video art festivals, Colombian and international art cinemas; when you agree to participate, you acknowledge that the videos will be presented to a broader public and agree to be part of new spaces that Video Arte_Faenza finds for the work to be displayed. No fees will be charged to the public

• Videos should display the name of the artist, title of the work at the beginning and credits by the end.

• When videos contain languages different from Spanish or English, please include subtitles in either of those two languages.

• All pieces of work should be music and image Copyright free

• Open subject

Overall Rating
  • Moslem Agha kochak zade

    Thank you for Selecting my work : )

    June 2020
  • Fantastic Festival. Great communication. Definitely recommend!

    June 2020
  • Reham Emam

    Glad & honored that my film took part at this wonderful festival!

    June 2020
  • Ildefonso Mercadillo

    Amazing Festival! Too bad the covid situation has got intro trouble so many festivals

    June 2020
  • Francisco Sanmartin

    Hi. Thank you very much!

    June 2020