Objective: Are you able to communicate without words, just by using images, sounds or music?
Goya was born in Fuendetodos and nowadays he is mainly known for the expressive fearless force of his art work shared with the audience through images.
This is the reason why this Short Film Competition pursues playing tribute to Goya at the same time it challenges those willing to express their thoughts and emotions towards humanity.

The winner short film will be awarded with 700€, the second prize will be 300€ and the third will be 200€.

The Festival is opened to filmmakers worldwide.
– Pieces can be made in any filming system, as well as any film genre: Fiction, Animation, Musical or Documentary.
– Maximum duration will not exceed 20 minutes, including credits.
– Every short film listed on the Competition must be a silent film.
– Music, special effects or sound elements are allowed.
– Every short selected for the contest can be played during one of the sections of the competition.
– The organization is allowed to use fragments (1 minute maximum) of any short film with promotional purposes (for the Film Competition)
– Countries that participate who are not allowed into this platform will be able to contact the organization to offer them another option to participate.
– The authorization of the authors or the owners of these rights is implied for the screening, by the Competition, of the pieces selected during the contest. Goya Fuendetodos Foundation has no contractual obligations form with the material or intellectual author of the work, or any other management company.
– Festival participation implies full acceptance of these rules.
– The Official Jury, made up of film professional, culture and communication media, will be in charge of awarding the prizes, being its decision final.

Overall Rating
  • I couldn’t attend but glad to be among the finalists

    January 2022
  • Although we were unable to attend this year, we were honoured to have “My Day" selected and screened at the GoyaRural Film Festival. We are very thankful to the GoyaRural team for their support and encouragement. We look forward to their future festivals and hope to participate again in the future.

    October 2021
  • Ferran Masip Valls

    Our film "Caligrafia" participated in this Festival.
    Great team and coordination.
    We actually had the chance to go to the festival in person, and it was such a great and pleasant experience.
    We would highly recommend it - both participating and attending.
    A small festival with a big heart!!!!!

    September 2021
  • Antonio Montefalcone

    Interesting festival. A great opportunity for independent, young or emerging filmmakers.
    I have participated with a short film, "The whiteness of a child's mind and death".
    I am thrilled to have been selected at the festival and I couldn't be more grateful.
    Thanks to GoyaRural, and all the best for the future of your festival.

    August 2021
  • José Carvalho

    I'm very proud to have been selected for this movie festival. Thank you.

    August 2021