Moscow Film Party is a Special Award Event of New Harvest Film Festival which takes place TWICE a year - on January, 25 (on occasion of Student day) and on June, 27 (on occasion of Youth day).

Film screenings are alternated with their author brief interviews and live music. That's quite a fresh format of interaction and a nice possibility for cinematographers to present their works. Every author gets a small souvenir from the organizers - a branded mug.

Foreign cinematographers from all over the world are invited to present their films at the Party. Each of them is interviewed. The musicians whose music videos have been preselected for the Contest are also invited to attend the Event and to present their music to the audience in a LIVE-mode. The atmosphere of the Party is always cheerful and friendly.

All authors (Official Selection) attending the Event get souvenirs from the organizers - a branded mug. The Winners also get Cups and Diplomas. All Official Selection and Semi-Finalists get laurels and special diplomas by e-mail.

Being connected to New Harvest Film Festival (, Moscow Film Party has an option to propose to some of its films further producer promotion.

The Winners are defined twice a year in the following categories:

- Best Short Film
- Best Short Film in Russian
- Best Genre Movie (Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Love, Action, Adventure, etc.)
- Best Film up to 3 minutes
- Best Animation
- Best Feature film
- Best Documentary film
- Best Experimental Film
- Best Music Video
- Best Commercial Video
- Best Public Service Announcement
- Best TV or WEB-series
- Best Trailer/Teaser
- Most Lucky Film of the Party (lottery)

All sorts of films may be submitted to the Contest*.
The categories are indicated in the corresponding section.

*Feature films and other films longer than 30 mins are screened at the Event partially as an abstract or a trailer.

Overall Rating
  • Jing Zhai

    gtreat fest!luck for me!thank u!hope fest better!

    July 2020
  • Artem Minakov

    A great occasion to see good works by young directors in a very friendly atmosphere . Thank you!

    February 2020
  • Johanna Zaïre

    Great festival! Thanks for everything!

    February 2020
  • Ronald Urbanczyk

    Totally friendly festival team,
    thanks for the semi-finalist award.

    All the best for the future and see you soon.

    February 2020
  • Киновечеринка оправдала заявленные цели: ребята разных кинопрофессий за чашкой чая пообщались, посмотрели работы друг друга, поделились комментариями, обменялись контактами. Приятно и с пользой провели время. Работы были отобраны в показ многоплановые, так что было что посмотреть и обсудить, посмотреть, как развиваются и растут в профессиональном плане твои коллеги, о чем думают и что снимают. "Новый урожай" и "Moscow Film Perty" - единственные в Москве, кто использует подобный формат встреч. Раз за разом уровень будет только расти, а количество участников - увеличиваться. Успехов им и спасибо за организацию мероприятия!

    February 2020