"This is a film to be read." - 

Moonplay Cinema is currently accepting submissions for Cinecriture, a screening event of short films at Open Book, on Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

For this screening event, we seek films 30 minutes or less with an intersectional feminist edge. Encouraged submissions include films that address issues of gender, sexuality, race, and other forms of conversation expressing truth and realism. Films which are not necessarily based on a screenplay. Films of intentional choices written and formed together through the creative act of filmmaking. This may be found in works of experimental video, essays, moving image poems, innovative narratives, etc.

Cinecriture is part of a series of events titled Candid, an interdisciplinary art festival. The event will include screenings, workshops, and a zine fair to celebrate the release of “You're a Filmmaker, You're an Artist,” a zine featuring articles from a community of filmmakers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels from emerging to established professionals, from experimental to narrative. Essays, profiles, and more will discuss filmmakers' professional and artistic practices.

Cinecriture is curated by Jes Reyes.

January 30th is the last day to submit to Cinecriture. The submission fee is waived for all submissions today. Code: CANDID2024

Moonplay has a Featured Artist program to honor and recognize promising films made by innovative and creative filmmakers. Featured Artists will be invited to participate in a conversation on Where to From Here, our podcast program.

+This call is open to filmmakers of all genders with a focus on gender-marginalized filmmakers
+It is highly encouraged to provide a cover letter and an artist statement with your submission(s).
+Film submissions should be no longer than 30 minutes.
+no year limit on date of production.
+You can submit more than one film.
+Films submitted must be in digital format.
+Submissions need to offer the legal ability to download your work.
+Vimeo is a highly recommended site to submit with.
+Imagery or details of your imagery (along with sound) may be used to promote the Moonplay events.
+If selected and if a film is not in English, films must have subtitles embedded in the file

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about the submission process by sending a message to moonplaycinema@gmail.com.