We've been having the Movie Night for quite some time. We usually do it monthly and people enjoy movies under the stars, but due to the pandemic we will be considering alternatives such as a Drive In Theatre. How it works: we pick a film for a selected pre screening, which leads up to the main event date. Only a selected few get to be a part of this. From the selectees, one film wins overall and wins an additional prize. Every film selected receives a prize voucher. We focus on indie films that have not gotten deserved exposure in South Africa. We also have a separate film festival called the Kleinkaap Short Film Festival.

Prize is worth $300. Depends on dollar Rand exchange rate.

Rules and regulations:
1. Only narrative and animated films are eligible
2. Less than 120 minutes
3. English or with English subtitles
4. Film was made after 2010
5. Family friendly films preferred
6. Film makers who are selected give the Moonlight Movie Night permission to screen their films twice
7. The selected films will only be screened at a Moonlight Movie Night and will not be used for other purposes

Premiere Policy:
- We do not have a premiere policy