The MOBILE GLOBE FILM FESTIVAL is the first intersectional film festival in the world!
We focus on no and low budget films made by independent filmmakers that challenge the political, social, economical and cultural status quo of the world.

In 5 days you will not only get to see films that will change your perspective on the world, meet other talented filmmakers, participate in workshops and attend the glamorous MGFF award ceremony, but you will also get to know the city of Berlin and its diverse population. Berlin is not only the location of the 1st Edition of the MGFF, it is also the hometown of Mokoari Street Productions, the indie film production company behind the festival. Selected films are not only shown offline on the cinema screen, but are also made available online - that way we ensure that as many people as possible can take part and vote for the "Best Short Film" and "Best Feature Film". 
The MGFF is a barrier-free film festival, meaning people who have difficulties hearing and/or seeing, as well as people who use a wheelchair, are catered for.

The MGFF wants to reward its participants with a wide range of material prizes as well as cash prizes:

a) Best Shorts
1. No Budget – 700 EUR
2. Low Budget – 500 EUR 
3. Budget – 300 EUR 
5. Doku Short – 500 EUR

b) Best Features                                    
1. Low Budget – 1000 EUR                    
2. Budget – 800 EUR                            

c) Best cinematography
1. Best Cinematography Short Film – Prize: Digital film camera
2. Best Cinematography Feature Film - Prize: Digital film camera

d) Best Script
1. Best Script Short – Prize: 1 year subscription "Celtx"
2. Best Script Feature Film – Prize: 1 year subscription "Celtx"

e) Best Acting (no gender segregation!)
1. Best Acting Short – Prize: Workshop at Actor's Space Berlin
2. Best Acting Feature – Prize: 1 year representation through the acting agency "Agentur Osman" Berlin  

f) Best Directing:                                                
1. Best Directing Short – Prize: 500 EUR            
2. Best Directing Feature – Prize: 700 EUR        

g) Best Music Score
1. Best Music Score Short – Prize: "Cubase Pro"
2. Best Music Score Feature – Prize: "Cubase Pro"

h) Best Editing
1. Best Editing Short – Prize: 1 year software subscription "Adobe Premiere Pro"
2. Best Editing Feature - Prize: 1 year software subscription "Adobe Premiere Pro"

I) Special Award for outstanding work as production
1. Outstanding Production Short – 500 EUR – 1 year subscription to Vimeo Pro (VOD)
2. Outstanding Production Feature – 1000 EUR – Option for a co-production worth 20.000
EUR for the next feature film of the director

#Film must be completed prior to submission, but not be older than 2 years
#Film must be independently financed
#Filmmaker is allowed to submit more than one project
#All films submitted must legally be authorized to use all music, images, and content

1) previously submitted to MGFF
2) have screened publicly in the federal state of Berlin
4) have aired on any German television prior to festival dates
5) are available for purchase on DVD in Germany
6) are available for public online viewing in its entirety
7) student films

Submissions are open via FilmFreeway.
You will be asked to provide the following:
- Submission Form
- Synopsis (max. 1 page)
- Film (link to Vimeo - with English subtitles according to industry standards)
- CV director(s) & CV producer(s)
- Experience report (preproduction, shoot, postproduction) including photos from the set
(pdf; max. 2 pages)
- List of all credits (including the national/geographical origin, the self-positioning* within
society and the gender(s) of all cast and crew members)

* self-positioning: for instance " I am a white heterosexual woman." Please not that your personal details will not be published but treated with the utmost respect concerning your privacy and well-being. We only require this information because our focus is on supporting above mentioned groups and communities.

After your film has been selected you will receive an e-mail from us as well as an official selection laurel.
We then need you to send us the following:
-1 film poster
- 3 Film stills (dpi 300)
- dialog list (for audio descriptions)
- HighDef BluRay (PAL), USB-Stick with the film file (ProRes422) or DCP
Note: All films must be subtitled in English according to industry standards!

Each selected film will automatically be considered for the following sub-categories:
1. Best directing short/feature
2. Best cinematography short/feature
3. Best acting (no gender segregation!) short/feature
4. Best script short/feature
5. Best music score short/feature
6. Best editing short/feature
7. Outstanding Production Award short/feature
Two films will be nominated for each of the technical categories. All selected films are competing for the "Outstanding Production Award" in the short or feature category.


Hell, yes! The MGFF will offer you free accommodation as well as up to 500 EUR* for your travel expenses. 

*Only for filmmakers from the African, Asian or South American continent, as well as the nominees of the technical award categories and filmmakers who can prove without a doubt that they are currently listed as unemployed and on social welfare in their country of origin. 

The festival will provide a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and back, as well as to the screening locations.

Tickets and festival passes to the screenings can be bought online (from August 20 - 2016) or offline (at the screening venue). Filmmakers whose films are officially selected do not pay for screenings or other festival related events. 

THE MGFF will offer daily workshops that are free of charge for the attending filmmakers, however they will have to register beforehand. The workshops are also accessible for the public (fees apply).
- Opening dinner
- Industry meetings
- Award ceremony
- After show party
- general meet and greets

We will make sure you are safe at all times. In case of any harassment and/or discrimination be sure to inform us immediately and we will assist you in any way we can. However, Berlin is a metropolitan city and the inner city districts where the festival will take place are very diverse with people from all sorts of walks of life, countries, religions, genders, sexual orientations etc.

Berlin in October: Well, we might be blessed with sunshine and up to 20 degrees Celsius or so, but make sure to bring warm clothes. It might already be cold. Because autumn starts in October.