Minute Shorts is organising a monthly competition to find the best short films acted in German. Please only submit short films that are either:
- acted in German or
- dubbed and subtitled in German, but acted in a non-German language (English, Italian etc.)

All winning films will be:
- commercially licensed for streaming on our partner platforms
- featured on our platform
- part of our short film events
- added to our calendar for Minute Moments interviews, with the filmmaker being promoted on our social media channels.

The brief is simple:
We accept all German native short films under 20 minutes or foreign Short films dubbed and subtitled in German, produced between 01/01/1980 and 07/11/2021.
Genres accepted: all
Theme: no theme
Competition is open worldwide.

Subtitles and dubbing: In order for our films to be inclusive, dubbing and subtitles are required inlaid in the video are required for all non-German spoken films.

Rights cleared: Audiovisual works and music used must be original or protected by copyright or otherwise acquired rights specifically.

Important note: All films submitted will legally remain in the possession of the filmmaker. Minute Shorts will license the film for distribution on its platform, Minute Shorts, its partner platforms, but also in the Minute Shorts film screenings. Written prior agreement with the filmmaker will be sought prior to display of the film on the platform or in the screening event.