We are now an IMDb-listed event! All award-winners (includes the upcoming edition as well as all past ediitons) will be able to list their wins on IMDb.

2024 is our little event's 6th year! Check out the updated Prizes below.

This film festival is exclusive to 1-MINUTE/60-SECOND films ONLY! Films submitted under or over this time frame WILL BE REJECTED.

1st Place: Writing of Ape by Gustav Hugo Olsson (Sweden)
2nd Place: The Moment You Need Action by Vampire S (Korea)
3rd Place: Bored by Lorenzo Scibilia (Italy)
4th Place: Men in Cars by Molly J. Vernon (USA)
5th Place: Skinny Dip by Donal O'Dea (Ireland)
Best Local Film: Nest Delirium by Jacob Luke (Canada)

Honourable Mentions:
Hopscotch by Fanis Topsachalidis (Greece)
Place by Junhao (Mike) Zhang (USA)
Twenty Objects from a Sixties Childhood in Sixty Seconds by Cally Trench (UK)
A Different Kind of Love by Maryam Imogen Ghouth (UAE)
I Wish by Sydney Fuerth (Canada)
El Proceso (The Process) by Roberto I. Ercolalo (Spain)
The Snowman by Diane Catsburrow Linnet (USA)
Under The Bed by Jeremy Sladdin (UK)
The Dream by Alisa Selishchava (Spain)
Aunt Kaka byYu Jie Wu (Taiwan)
Bread and Wine by Ignacio Rodó (Spain)
Camp by Maxwell G. MacKoul (USA)
Lost Friend's Wander by Robert David Duncan (Canada)
Brief Candle by Deb Ethier (Canada)
One of Those Nights by Gaylord Foureau, Mathilde Denozière (France)
Finally by Bryson Lima (USA)
Tang by Nova Benny (Canada)
Apartment 24 by Izzy Church (USA)
The Paralysis by Fábio Pereira (Portugal)
Sisterly Love by Thea Balich, Tom Knight (UK)

Animation, Art, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Fashion, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Music, Noir, Romance, Sci-Fi, Silent, Sports, Suspense, Thriller

We believe that a capable filmmaker can tell a story in just 60 seconds. We also believe that most of our brains have adapted to a shorter attention span as spurred on by social media channels. And so we created this festival as an outlet for both filmmakers and audience alike to enjoy micro short works of art.

Couch Film Festival (IMDb-eligible awards)

Alternative Film Festival (IMDb-eligible awards)

6ix Screams International Horror Film Festival (IMDb-eligible awards and horror films only!)

300 Seconds Short Film Festival (IMDb-eligible awards and 5 minutes and under only!)

1ST PRIZE - $100CAD + 1 free entry waiver to future editions
2ND PRIZE - $75CAD + 1 free entry waiver to future editions
3RD PRIZE - $50CAD + 1 free entry waiver to future editions
4TH PRIZE - $30CAD + 1 free entry waiver to future editions
5TH PRIZE - $20CAD + 1 free entry waiver to future editions

BEST TORONTO FILM - $50 + 1 free entry waiver to future editions

20 HONOURABLE MENTIONS - 1 free entry waiver to future editions

All winners will receive:

-Custom laurels and printable certificates

Terms and Conditions:

1. Film must be exactly 1 minute (60 seconds) in length, including title and credits.

2.Films must be in English or have English subtitles.

3. Films must have a FilmFreeway, Vimeo or YouTube screener.

4. Submitters must have the right to submit the films.

5. No refunds for submission fees.

6. We do not pay screening fees in this festival.

7. All selected films will receive laurels and the list will be posted on our website.

8. 3 winners will be chosen (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) + 1 Best Toronto Film + 10 Honourable Mentions and will receive laurels and will be awarded the following monetary prizes in CAD Dollars:

1st place = $50
2nd place = $30
3rd place = $20

Best Toronto Film = $50

9. If COVID regulations prohibits a live screening, we will switch to an online screening instead

10. All judges’ decisions are final.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you so much for the Selection! 😁

    December 2023
  • Sihup Sung

    Wow! I'm Vampire S (The Moment You Need Action)

    Thank you for enjoying my work.
    I love you. It's a great film festival.
    I couldn't go because it was too far, but if I win next time, I'll buy a plane ticket and go

    December 2023
  • Thank you so much for selecting two of my one minute films, PERFECTION and CLOWN THING. I truly appreciate being included in your selections.

    December 2023
  • Kristina Gjems

    Greetings from Norway. We are so happy to be part of your wonderful festival. Thank you!

    December 2023
  • Kimi Palacios

    Great festival and great communication! So happy to be a part of it!

    December 2023