“It’s important to be able to tell and retell our Pacific stories or somebody will do it for us”
I am Mii Taokia, a filmmaker, musician, and multidisciplinary artist of Cook Island descent. I was born and raised in South Auckland, New Zealand, with a deep connection to my ancestral roots on the islands of Aiutaki, Mangaia, and Atiu. Growing up in a diverse and vibrant community, I was inspired by the rich cultural tapestry that surrounded me.
In 2021, amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, I took the opportunity to direct and produce the web series titled "Kreative Kokanuts." This series aimed to showcase the talent and creativity within the Cook Island community and highlight the unique stories and experiences that often go unnoticed. "Kreative Kokanuts" provided a platform for local artists and performers to express themselves and captivate audiences around the world.
Additionally, I delved into the realm of animation, creating two animated shorts: "Ko Au" and "Ta'i." These projects allowed me to explore the power of visual storytelling and convey narratives that resonated with my personal experiences and cultural heritage. The animated short "Ko Au" gained recognition and was screened at the prestigious ImagineNative, the world's largest Indigenous film festival, in 2022. It also made its mark at Maoriland, the biggest Indigenous film festival in the Southern Hemisphere, in 2023.
While working on these animated projects, I had the privilege of serving as the head of animation for the award-winning short documentary titled "Taonga: An Artist Activist," directed by Glenda Tuaine. This collaboration allowed me to contribute my expertise and passion for animation to a thought-provoking and socially relevant film. By combining art and activism, "Taonga" shed light on important issues and sparked conversations about the power of creative expression as a catalyst for change.
Beyond my work in the film industry, I am an accomplished musician and a true creative at heart. As a musician and DJ, I find inspiration in blending different genres and experimenting with sound. My love for art extends to various forms, including graphic design and graffiti, where I channel my creativity into visual expressions that captivate and inspire.
As a true believer in the holistic nature of creativity, I actively pursue a range of artistic endeavors. I am a film producer and director, utilizing my skills to bring stories to life and engage audiences on a profound level. Moreover, my expertise as a 3D generalist and 3D educator enables me to explore the realms of technology and digital art, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary forms of creativity.
In my personal life, I find balance and fulfillment through the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a discipline that cultivates mental and physical strength. It serves as a reminder that creativity exists not only in the arts but also in the way we approach challenges and navigate life's obstacles.
Overall, my journey as a filmmaker, musician, and multidisciplinary artist is driven by a deep passion for all things creative. I am dedicated to elevating underrepresented voices and using art as a medium for storytelling, cultural preservation, and social change. Through my work, I strive to inspire others to embrace their creativity and recognize the immense power it holds to shape our world.
In conclusion, my journey as a director and multidisciplinary artist has been shaped by my Cook Island heritage, my love for creativity in all its forms, and my commitment to sharing stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Through my music, visual art, and filmmaking, I strive to celebrate the rich cultural traditions of the Cook Islands while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. The power of storytelling is immense, and I am honored to be a part of the collective voice that brings our narratives to life.
Birth Date
May 4, 1973
Birth City
South Auckland
Current City
Otara, South Auckland
Kiwi/Cook Islander
“It’s important to be able to tell and retell our Pacific stories or somebody will do it for us”
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