Miami FearFest is an indie horror, suspense, or sci-fi short film competition made by filmmakers! We're trying to bring the beauty of filmmaking to the Miami area and help our fellow filmmakers make a name for themselves. It's all about passion for art, film, and music. Don't miss this awesome experience where you'll be able to watch unique short films and meet people in the industry!

1st Place: Trophy
2nd and 3rd Place: Trophy

Best Director
Best Script
Best Cinematography
Best Performance
Best Sound/ Music
Audience Award!

And more surprises!

- Short film must be 18 minutes long or less. (Shorts that are over 18 minutes long will be disqualified, NO EXCEPTIONS!!)
- Submissions in languages other than English, must be subtitled.
- We accept films of any year of production.
- Short film genre must be horror, sci-fi, suspense, thriller, virtual reality.
- Our jury will screen the films privately.
- We accept films that have been already screened in other festivals.
- We accept films that are already streaming online as long as the contestant is the owner of all copyrights.
- We accept more than one submission.
- Contest is open to everyone, if you are under the age of 18, you must submit your parent/guardian’s name and contact information.
- Submissions must be received before September 30th - NO EXCEPTIONS!
- A brief synopsis of the plot is required with your submission. One black and white OR color promotional still should be e-mailed to upon submission.
- Screenings are scheduled at the discretion of Miami FearFest programmer(s). Miami FearFest retains the right to make changes to the publishing schedule at any time and for any reason.

Location will be announced soon!

Overall Rating
  • javad daraei

    I am very happy and welcome every year to participate in your festival and thank you for this fine festival.

    November 2017
  • dd studio

    Thank you for the Official Selection!

    November 2017
  • Spork The Tube

    Great party. Organizers went out of their way to throw a fantastic event. Lots of local radio & TV coverage/PR. Lots of sponsors, well-organized. Had a great setup at the club it was held at, indoor projection, outdoor backlit screen, entertainment between categories (rock band/magician etc...). Beautiful people roaming around in costume & held in one of the best cities in the country. Fun celebration of the art of filmmaking. Will definitely attend next year whether or not I have a film in the festival.

    November 2016