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Welcome to the Mellon International Film Festival, where the magic of cinema comes to life.

We are searching for Short Film, Feature Film and Short Script and Feature Script of any genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Romance, Documentary, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Silent, Music Video.

Our mission is clearβ€”to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and groups across various industries. We aim to provide a platform where their hard work, creativity, and contributions are not only acknowledged but celebrated with the respect and admiration they deserve.

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The following 3 Competitions are divided into Categories:

1. Annual Competition:
🎞️ Best Short Film
🎞️ Best Feature Film
🎞️ Best Student Short Film
🎞️ Best Student Feature Film

2. Genre Competition:
🎬 Best Animation
πŸ˜‚ Best Comedy
🎭 Best Drama
πŸ”ͺ Best Thriller
πŸ’‘ Best Romance
πŸ“Ή Best Documentary
πŸ•·οΈ Best Horror
πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ Best Fantasy
πŸš€ Best Sci-fi
🀫 Best Silent
🎡 Best Music Video

3. Script Competition:
βœ’οΈ Best Short Script
βœ’οΈ Best Feature Script
βœ’οΈ Best Student Short Script
βœ’οΈ Best Student Feature Script

❀️ The Jury can award also honorable mentions.

Welcome to the Mellon International Film Festival!
To ensure a fair and respectful competition, please follow these rules and guidelines:

1.1 The festival is open to filmmakers of all ages and experience levels.
1.2 Films must be original.
1.3 Films must have English or italian subtitles.
1.4 Each filmmaker can submit max 3 films.

2.1 Submissions must be made through film freeway.
2.2 The submission deadline is public.
2.3 Each category needs a submission.
2.4 There is a submission fee, that can’t be refund.

3.1 Films will be judged by a panel of industry professionals, such as producers, screenwriters and directors.
3.2 The judges will watch all of the submitted films and select the winners based on a variety of criteria, such as the film quality, the story concept, and the characters.
3.3 The winners will be announced at the notification date
3.4 The judgment of the jury is final.

By participating in the Mellon International Film Festival competition, you agree to abide by these rules and guidelines. Any violation may lead to disqualification. We look forward to seeing your creativity shine in this exciting competition!