Megacities-ShortDocs (MC-SD) is a very short film festival founded in 2014 in Paris by the NGO Films4SustainableWorld, supported by the City of Paris and the Grand Paris Metropolis.

Our main goal is to inspire through short documentary films, other people, associations, businesses, and governments to set in motion new initiatives that contribute and lead towards a society that is more respectful of the environment, and offering greater solidarity among citizens.

The association organises an International "very short documentary films" Festival under the theme of Cities and urban environment.

This festival highlights positive initiatives & unacceptable situations, and is open to anyone.

Videos are 4 minute long maximum, they are filmed in any city of the world and highlight solutions or actions that tackle urban challenges.

These video testimonies, most of the time, self-produced by citizens, free-lances or students, from around the world, present initiatives with high social/environmental impact, successful examples of urban planning, that improve people's lives.

The Megacities-Shortdocs Festival Awards

- The Best ShortDoc, in partnership with Positive Cinema Week, under the auspices of the Cannes Film Festival
Rewards the best film of the edition shot in an urban environment
1000 € for the ShortDoc Maker
Invited to the Paris Award Ceremony and to the Cannes Film Festival (transport and accommodation).

- The Best MegaCities-ShortDoc
Rewards the best film shot in a megacity
1000 € for the ShortDoc Maker
Invited to the Paris Award Ceremony (transport and accommodation).

- The Best Student's ShortDoc
Rewards the best film shot by a student
1000 € for the ShortDoc Maker
Invited to the Paris Award Ceremony and to the Cannes Film Festival (transport and accommodation).


Special Prizes from our partners

- The Greater Paris Metropolis Prize, supported by Greater Paris Metropolis
Rewards a film that promotes an initiative with a social and/or environmental impact, carried out by a collective or an inhabitant of the Greater Paris Metropolis, and filmed on its territory
1000 € for the ShortDoc Maker
Invited to the Cannes Film Festival (transport and accommodation).

- The Happy Proximity Prize, supported by Chaire ETI Paris la Sorbonne
Rewards a film which addresses urban challenges by encouraging debates on the need to rethink city design and living spaces
1000 € for the ShortDoc Maker

- The Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Prize, supported by Eelisa
Rewards a film that promotes impact entrepreneurship and/or ethics and technology, as well as offering a special focus or vision on gender and inclusion, cooperation and building bridges between STEM areas and the humanities and arts.
1000 € for the ShortDoc Maker

(Complete T&C are available on our website.)

The spirit of MC-SD’s contest is to address urban challenges. It
encourages filmmakers to present a positive initiative or denounce an unacceptable
situation in their metropolitan context. Our goal is to raise awareness on the potential
and relatability of one docu-story for it can inspire a chain of changes worldwide.

Location | The ShortDoc must be shot in a urban environment.

Length | The ShortDoc must be a maximum of 4.00 minutes long.

Subtitles | The ShortDoc must be uploaded with subtitles in English.

Thumbnail | The ShortDoc thumbnail must be uploaded with a high-quality (JPG
picture format 1600×1200) and must well represent your film and topic. This picture
might be used and published for general public release.

Closing Credits | Closing credits must appear within the 4 minutes of the
ShortDoc. They should include the ShortDoc maker’s name, year of production,
participants, stakeholders and location. Here you can also include the “initiative
holder” presented in the ShortDoc, if any. If you provide statistics, data, quotes in your
ShortDoc make sure to check the source and reference it in the closing credits.

Submission | When uploading your ShortDoc, the ShortDoc title (30 characters maximum) must be written in the appropriate field as well as its description (less than 300 characters) - which will be considered in the final evaluation.

Please be aware that a ShortDoc sent after the deadline will not be accepted, unless
a deadline extension is officially given by MC-SD.
Jury selection criteria
➢ Quality: esthetics of the production and clarity of the message
This criterion includes technical choices about the image and the sound, as well as
the creativity and the vision behind the theme selected.
➢ The power of the proposal and its transferability
The ShortDocs will be evaluated in their ability to clearly show the impact of the
problem and/or the solution represented in the video. They should also encourage
reflections on how the chosen social and/or environmental initiative can contribute to
universal challenges.
➢ Respect of the right format
Formats (image, title, description, subtitles, credits, etc.) must be consistent and
coherent with the given instruction. Please notice that this is not a minor detail, but
an evaluation object.

MC-SD Administration has the right to modify the given Terms & Condition
information anytime, if deemed necessary. In case of updates, the new information
will be posted on our website and the ShortDoc makers who registered through our
website will be notified by email. This is also why we highly encourage you to register
as soon as possible, even if you still do not have a clear idea of the documentary you
want to realise.

By accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that MC-SD neither made, nor is in
any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee,
express or implied in fact or in law relative to the prize or to any portion thereof.
If for any reason, the promotion is not capable of running as planned, including any
suspected evidence of tampering or technological corruption or if any portion of the
contest is compromised by a virus, bugs, fraud, strikes, terrorists acts, criminal acts of
third parties, an insufficient number of qualified entries, or any other causes beyond
MC-SD control which in MC-SD sole opinion, corrupts, threatens or impairs the
administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the promotion,
MC-SD reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest at their
sole discretion.

Any information collected by entering the contest will be used by MC-SD only in
accord with these official contest rules. The data subject has the right to access its
collected data. In addition, they also have the right to rectify, delete and oppose the
processing of their data about if based on legitimate grounds, pursuant to the
conditions stipulated by law no. 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 [January 1978,
modified in 2004 on computer information, files and civil liberties]. To exercise this
right, contact the MC-SD staff by email.

Participants declare that their ShortDoc does not violate the rights of any third parties
or does not promote content that are of a violent, pornographic or libelous nature -
more specifically, racist, xenophobic, pedophile, unhealthy content. No
encouragement of criminal offence, war or crimes against humanity will be tolerated.
In addition, each submitted ShortDoc should not encourage the consumption of
cigarettes, alcohol drinks, drugs or any other prohibited products.
Participants declare that their ShortDoc does not infringe from an industrial or
intellectual property right or copyright (an original work, a brand or a logo) nor
mention any content subject to copyright and intellectual property rights
(trademarks, photos, logos and banners) without the prior approval of the owner.
Participants certify that they have obtained all the publicity right to any persons who
could be identified in the video.
Participants declare that they hold all the copyrights, intellectual property rights and
all the authorizations required for the film to participate in the MC-SD competition
and for all other rights granted to MC-SD under the terms of the present regulations.

Consequently, participants guarantee MC-SD against any claims, demands, suits, and
actions taken by possible third parties on any grounds whatsoever, including, but not
limited to, libel, defamation and invasion of privacy. Participants undertake to
guarantee, compensate and hold harmless MC-SD against any expenses, in particular,
expenses and fees related to court proceedings, and direct or indirect damage, as well
as any sentences imposed on MC-SD or payment resulting from a settlement signed
with the plaintiff. In addition, participants are reminded that failure to hold the rights
and authorizations required for the film to participate in the MC-SD competition and
for all other rights granted to MC-SD as referred to in the present article, may result in
the application of criminal and civil penalties as provided by the law.
In general, participants declare that their ShortDoc complies with any current
legislation and regulations in effect.
If the MC-SD team identifies a non-compliance with these conditions, the concerned
ShortDoc will be disqualified from the contest. This decision belongs to the MC-SD
judgement and if, unfortunately, the ShortDoc will be disqualified, MC-SD’s team is
committed to explain the non-compliance reason to the ShortDoc Maker.

Participants give MC-SD the permission to reproduce and broadcast clips of the
selected films presented in the Festival on terrestrial, digital, cable, satellite and ADSL
television channels, on Internet sites, mobile telephony or by any other
communication network. A film could be displayed in the given format or only a part
of it, with the closing credits, with or without subtitles, dubbed or with audio
description. They can only be used as part of stories covering the Festival, TV or Web
programs and interviews and/or promotional trailers or advertising for the Festival
current or future editions and for MC-SD’s official partners supporting social and/or
environmental causes. Permission to use these clips is granted once for all, starting on
the date of submission of the film.
As already mentioned above, in the case of the Mini-series, the NGO will expressly
request the filmmakers if they want to be part of it.
The online registration to the MegaCities-ShortDocs Film Festival implies acceptance
of these terms and conditions. Failure to comply might result in disqualification from
the contest. The contest is subject to all country and local-city laws and regulations.

Also you can register on our website:

in the second section) to check our T&C for all details; and to check this page for a sum up