Hot take: Popcorn just hurts to eat.
Mark is a young and ambitious filmmaker, passionate about his craft.
He’s already dabbled in various aspects of film-making, including shooting, editing, and directing short films, music videos,
documentaries, and shorts.
While he’s proud of his finished works, what really gets his heart racing is the creative
process itself.
More than anything, Mark is driven by his youthful enthusiasm for the world of film. He’s still in the early stages of his career, but his dreams and ambitions are sky-high. He doesn’t just love the end product; he’s head over heels for the entire journey of making a film. And as he carves out his path in the industry, he’s not content with sticking to one side of the camera. Mark wants to do it all – acting and film-making.
His creative journey is a testament to his youthful spirit, brimming with dreams and boundless
High School
St Marks ACS
Year 12
Birth Date
March 2, 2006
Hot take: Popcorn just hurts to eat.
Résumé & Attachments
Résumé & Attachments
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