Mannheim and the surrounding region offer an abundance of creative opportunities, both from the local community and from international projects. The Mannheim Arts and Film Festival aims to bring together creatives from both German and international backgrounds, providing a platform for local filmmakers and artists to showcase their work and for international creatives to be exposed to the local scene. The festival's reach is growing, and it continues to draw in a global audience.

Our annual screening event is held every year in Maritim, Mannheim, and we hold regular meetings. The most recent festival event was held on October 17, 2022, and the next one will take place in October 2023 at the same location. Attendance at our event is free of charge and open to all. Our core objective is to create a space in which people can connect, network, and exchange ideas.with the opportunity to watch and discover new films.

This Live Screening Event will be an amazing opportunity to showcase your short film and connect with other professionals and filmmakers.

The following individuals are part of the team and jury (not limited to this list): Michele Princigalli, Wrep Media Company, Kathrin Singer, Song O’Neal, Igor Wolfang Schiaroli, Nadine Bernhardt, Cristiana Di Bartolomeo, Filippo Ceci.

This team consists of individuals from various fields such as filmmaking, photography, arts, healthcare, technology, music, 3D and virtual reality, acting, and journalism.

If you require further information about the team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you have any queries, issues, or requests, or if you do not receive our email post-participation, please contact us through email or phone. We strive to maintain effective communication with all participants, and we will respond to your messages no later than 24 hours.

We are looking for artists that would like to exhibit their work at our event venue. Besides connecting with other artists, including in the film area, it's a great opportunity to showcase and discover other artworks. Adding a richer, more mixed atmosphere to the venue would be a wonderful opportunity for us. The October 2022 event was planned as a small event due to uncertainty surrounding COVID regulations. However, we want our 2023 event to be more comprehensive, and artists are key to this vision. To plan for this part, we recommend getting in touch with us well in advance.

Winners will receive a PDF certificate and their names and projects will be featured on our main website. We may also post banners of the film project with extra details. If you would prefer not to have any or all of the information published, kindly notify us and we will refrain from doing so. A selection of participating films will be projected at the next event in Maritim, Mannheim.

Rules for film submissions are:

1. A short film is any film with a run time under 40 minutes.

2. Films of all languages can submit, but the film must have English subtitles.

3. Mannheim Arts and Film Festival may use submitted promotional material for the promotion of the festival, but it is not guaranteed all accepted films will be promoted.

4. Mannheim Arts and Film Festival reserves the right to rearrange festival programming and location up until the day of the festival and does not accept any liability for costs associated with the change.

5. By submitting your film you authorize Mannheim Arts and Film Festival to show your film, or parts of it, at the festival.

6. No refunds will be given for submission.

7. Mannheim Arts and Film Festival is a celebration of independent filmmakers and is a place of creative encouragement.

8. Mannheim Arts and Film Festival accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury, or disappointment incurred or suffered by any person as a result of submitting a film to Mannheim Arts and Film Festival and its curation and all related events.

9. Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker, and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.