Manchester Animation Festival is the UK's largest Animation Festival dedicated celebration of the animated art form.

Hosted at HOME in Manchester, the festival brings one of the UK’s biggest animation hubs together and invites the international community to join us to delight in all things animated; working with organisations such as Netflix, Disney, Apple, Sky, Aardman, Cartoon Saloon, Blue Zoo, Nickelodeon, the BBC and many more on special events and screenings.

Animation is everywhere, from the smallest smart phone screen to the largest cinematic projection. Manchester Animation Festival unites artists, practitioners, students and enthusiasts and all those in between to savour the many and varied achievements of the animated form.

If you’re an animation insider or just want to see something unique, you don’t have to be an animation boffin to join us for animated short competitions, feature films, retrospective screenings, workshops, networking events, panel discussions, masterclasses and screen talks from the industry's finest.

Manchester Animation Festival is a member of the Alliance of British Animation Exhibitors, promoting UK talent through curated screenings at home and overseas to increase the visibility and recognition of UK animation talent.

Manchester Animation Festival hosts awards in many categories, each designed and manufactured by legendary animation model makers Mackinnon and Saunders.

Awarded to films entered into competition. Categories include Short, Feature, Student, Commissioned, Immersive, Shorts for Children and the Audience Award.

All awards are juried in venue and the Audience Award is selected by Festival delegates. Films selected in competition for our Shorts for Children category are selected from the Short, Student and Commissioned Film entries.

The Industry Excellence Awards, which recognise individuals working in industry in the fields of scriptwriting, storyboarding character design and character animation are available to enter for free via the MAF website.


This is an award for a film, it can be a Short Film, Student Film, Commissioned Film or an Immersive Film.

You may submit your film to one category only. Please select the correct one. Films must be under 30 minutes in length. The selection team reserve the right to select your film for a different category to the one it was entered in.

Short Films: Films not made by a student or person under the age of 16.

Student Films: Films created by undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Commissioned Films: Can be educational or scientific films, music videos or for advertising, commercial or promotional purposes. Commissioned films must have the permission of the rights owner before submission.

Immersive Films: Films that abandon traditional screening conditions and opt for an immersive format, this could be VR (interactive and non interactive), AR or 360° films.

All films must have been completed after Friday 26 July 2023 and must be submitted and received by Friday 26 July 2024. All animation techniques are eligible. You are welcome to submit a WIP so long as the film is completed and delivered to the festival team before the 2 September 2024. Please make it very clear that your film is a WIP.


Feature Film: Films over 60 minutes long. For hybrid works over 50% of the film needs to be animated. PLEASE CONTACT THE FESTIVAL TEAM DIRECTLY TO SUBMIT A FEATURE TO MAF.

All information submitted is correct and can be used in print and on the web if your film is selected (excluding personal information). Manchester Animation Festival reserve the right to edit or rewrite text where they see fit.

We reserve the right to include a short 10-40 second clip of the film as part of a festival promotion and for our awards show, this clip will be either selected by you (at your request) or the festival team and will be appropriate for its use. Requests must be made in writing to the Festival team before the final submission deadline.

You are to supply english subtitles where needed. Failure to provide subtitles may result in a film being withdrawn.

Our screening format is DCP, should this not be available for November our technical partners will be in touch to discuss options. All films are carefully checked and processed before screening at the festival. Please be aware that the information you provide when you submit your film will ensure it is presented in the correct format.
As well as screening in-venue selected films will also be screened online for pass holders.

Manchester Animation Festival will hold the details of your submission in accordance with our privacy policy.

We aim to inform successful entrants by Friday 6 September 2024.

Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with UK copyright laws). Screenings may be in-venue or online behind a pay wall. For more information please see the FAQ section of the website. By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from the festival after it has been accepted by the selection committee.

By submitting your film, you waive any and all screening fees for the Festival.

Manchester Animation Festival will hold the details of your submission in accordance with our privacy policy.

Overall Rating
  • Yoo Lee

    Great communication and standout line ups. Thank you very much for making The Nectar Instead part of 2023!

    December 2023
  • I had a wonderful time at the Manchester Animation Festival. I was invited to talk on a panel which happened marvellously well in front of a great crowd. I then stayed the night and managed to enjoy multiple screenings, the quality of which was great in terms of curation and quality. I also went to some events and drinks and it all happened in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, I met wonderful and very interesting people. I highly recommend it!

    November 2023
  • Neeraj Bhattacharjee

    One of the best animation film festivals out there.

    November 2023
  • Harry Plowden

    Had a great time at a variety of events, watching a lot of high quality shorts! All communication and logistics were seamless. Will definitely submit again.

    November 2023
  • Shengwei Zhou

    So honored to be selected and screened in Manchester

    November 2023