The Malarkey Film Festival presents…
The London Series: Creepuscula

Seeking films of any horror variety… MWAHAHAHHAHA!
15 minutes or less, for a one night screening event.

For Malarkey: Creepuscula we are looking for films in particular which augment, expand, dismember, “flesh-out”, and redefine horror. Show us your Femme Spook, Queer Horror, Body Horror, Experimental Horror, Climate Horror, Expanded Horror, Psychological Horror, Big Jumps? Big Gore? Hilarious Horror? We want to see it all.

Your films will be assembled into a ghastly, cinematic monster to be unleashed for (hopefully) unspeakably grim and calamitously pleasurable viewing at the Phoenix Cinema (the oldest cinema in London - most likely riddled with ghosts and ghouls).

The screening will be followed by a panel with the filmmakers in attendance and a ~posthumous~ drink, giving you a chance to ponder whatever the f*** it was you just witnessed.
ma·lar·key /məˈlärkē/
noun: malarkey meaningless talk; nonsense.
Example: "That’s a bunch of malarkey!"

Why "Malarkey"?

The Malarkey Film Festival is a mostly-for-fun but serious-about-art screening event created with the intent to celebrate film, its makers and its community.
The Malarkey Film Festival was founded in an effort to take some of the hot air out of filmmaking by lowering the stakes, encouraging audience involvement, and maintaining a commitment to accessibility. We strive to present a structure that emphasizes the pleasure of creating, with the hope of alleviating the inhibiting fear of showing work.
How Does It Work?
The Malarkey Film Festival embodies "malarkey" with brand new sets of guidelines for every festival!
That means sometimes guidelines are more thematic, sometimes the guidelines will be wide open! If your film doesn't fit this time around, keep checking back for upcoming editions of the Malarkey Film Festival.

The Event:
If selected, your film will be screened at the historic Phoenix Cinema in North London.

Jury, panel and prizes to be announced.

*please note we do not offer monetary prizes*

Rules & Terms
General Rules & FAQ:
We understand the importance of free expression, and censorship is never our intention. We understand the nuances of parody, irony and humor. However, we have no tolerance for racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist or ableist messages that make light, mockery of, or are not meant to further discourse around these issues.

Your film must be no longer than 15 minutes. We may prioritize London or UK based filmmakers, as we want as many possible filmmakers to attend the event.

WE VALUE PRODUCTION OVER PRODUCTION VALUE! We can only use what is available to us, and sometimes that’s a RED camera and sometimes that’s an iPhone. We want to see what you’ve made happen with what you have available in your practice. That said, if your film is not intended to be a work of glitch art then there shouldn’t be glitches in your export.

All entries must be submitted in a .mov or .mp4 file format.

If your film is selected, we will be notifying you via email. We will be communicating primarily via email leading up to the event, and it is imperative that you are responsive throughout the process.

For any questions or concerns regarding the submissions process feel free to email us at

PLEASE NOTE: (1) By submitting work to the Malarkey Film Festival, the entrant thereby declares that the work submitted is their own and does not unlawfully include or infringe on any existing copyrighted material. The festival entrant must assume all responsibility for producing and presenting an original piece of work; the Malarkey Film Festival and its organizers hold no responsibility for broadcasting or displaying any copyrighted audio or video illegitimately.
(2) By submitting work to the festival, the entrant thereby grants the Malarkey Film Festival and its organizers unlimited rights to use, distribute, modify and display the work publicly for promotional and commercial purposes. These rights exist both physically and digitally, including use on social media and the Malarkey Film Festival website, without need of notice or approval, unless otherwise agreed.

Overall Rating
  • Helen McGarry

    Utterly awesome festival... amazing space and selections

    July 2022
  • Julieta Tetelbaum

    AWESOME! Great communication and organisation. It was so much fun to be a part of this festival at Phoenix Cinema, London ♡

    June 2022
  • Good venue to visit, a variety of work on show. Enjoyed being part of the festival.

    June 2022
  • Cody Kostro

    The best up-and-coming festival in NYC. High quality films with fun live events. We had such a great experience!

    October 2021
  • susana piegas

    Great festival and friendly staff!

    July 2021