Majordocs is the first international documentary film festival in Mallorca. A space to discover other realities and other perspectives through a curated selection of documentaries and their directors.

Majordocs aims to stimulate the growth of a documentaries critical audience through screenings with Q&A, but also workshops and debates around documentary cinema.

Four days to see creative documentaries in a stimulating and relaxed space, and where consecrated filmmakers and new talents will confront their experiences with the public.

Competitors at official selection are eligible for one or two awards:

- Jury award (€1.500)
- Audience Award (€1.500)

The film awarded the Audience Award will be broadcast on IB3 TV, the regional channel.


A. Criteria

MAJORDOCS award winners are selected on the basis of three major criteria: success and innovation in the realization of the project’s concept; originality and relevance of subject matter and approach; and overall artistic and technical proficiency. Check out Majordocs Manifesto for more details.

B. Deadline for Entry

The deadline for entries and submission of documentaries to be considered for selection is February 15th, 2020.

C. Conditions for Entry

Documentaries must have been produced after January 1st 2018 to be eligible for selection. Projects completed after January 1st 2019 will be prioritized.

Documentaries entered for competition must have a duration longer than 40 minutes, and may be in any format.

MAJORDOCS will only cover costs for the director from the selected documentaries to attend the Festival. MAJORDOCS also requests directors to take part in Q&A, meet-and-greets or similar events with audiences during this time.

• International Documentary Competition: films that have never been broadcast in Spain are eligible for this category. This also includes films that have been entered for competition at other festivals, or broadcast/screened exclusively on platforms. Rough cuts and incomplete projects are not accepted.

D. Juries and Prizes

Competitors official selection are eligible for one or two awards: Jury award (€1.500) and Audience Award (€1.500) .

The film awarded the Audience Award will be broadcast on IB3 TV, the regional channel.

Both Audience Award and Jury Award could be screened in some of Mallorca’s municipalities and neighborhoods with free entrance (with a maximum of 6 screenings in those neighborhoods).

Juries will vote by secret ballot. All decisions are taken by absolute majority.

The Artistic Director of MAJORDOCS may be present during the deliberation of the juries, but will not participate in the vote.

Any individual involved in the production of a film competing in this year’s Festival may not be a member of a jury.

After deliberation, prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremony.


All submissions are subject to the payment of entry fees.

Entries are confirmed upon acknowledgement of receipt of these fees.

Entry fees are as follows:

• Early bird: €8 + VAT
• Regular: €10 +VAT
• Late: €15 + VAT

Films may be submitted in any language. English subtitles are mandatory for all films.

Format options for submitted films are strictly digital (DVDs or USB keys will not be accepted): video link with a password, if required, must be valid until April 5th 2020).


A. Requirements During the Festival

Films may not be withdrawn from the selection while the Festival is ongoing. Selected films may not be shown outside the Festival’s theatres before their official screening.

B. Materials to be Provided

• The selected film(s), which must be screened in their original-language version and subtitled in Spanish and English (the version intended for screening in its country of origin is considered to be the original-language version).
• Full documentation, including all necessary details and written and visual materials (free of rights), provided before the deadline.
• Trailer, poster and three stills for each film selected.
• Director’s picture, bio and filmography.
• The final print file of each selected film, subtitled in Spanish or English, which must be received by March 15th 2020. If Spanish is not the original language, a list of time-coded subtitles will be requested for electronic subtitling in English or Spanish.
• Prints of selected films not received by March 15th 2020 will not be screened.

To avoid delays and customs fees, international parcels containing screening formats and other related materials should be labelled, “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”. If sending via international courier service, customs charges and other taxes must be paid for by the sender. This must be stipulated on the shipping invoice.

The Festival provides access to these materials on its premises uniquely to professionals and exclusively for the purposes of documentation, promotion, and consultation, for a period of no more than 6 months. Materials will only be returned to their owners upon request.

B. Compulsory Acknowledgements

The rights holders of all films screened at MAJORDOCS agree to include the MAJORDOCS logo on all promotional materials (press packs, websites, posters, trailers, etc). The logo can be downloaded from our website.

When prize-winning films are broadcast, an official acknowledgement of the award(s) must be shown on screen before the opening credits. Rights holders agree to obtain this from their broadcaster(s).

D. Transport & Insurance

Insurance and transport costs incurred while shipping films between the place of origin and the MAJORDOCS offices in Mallorca, Spain are payable by the film owner.

Copies of films from the selection will only be returned upon request, at the applicant’s expense.

MAJORDOCS has the power to resolve any case not provided for by the afore-mentioned regulations. In the case of a dispute, only the Spanish version of the regulations will be deemed admissible.

MAJORDOCS reserves the right to modify the regulations at any time.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold blameless MAJORDOCS, its Board of Directors, Employees, and Agents, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Copyright © MAJORDOCS, June 18th 2019