Madrid International Film Festival in the City of Madrid, we offer filmmakers that attend the festival great networking opportunities, we have for many year had the support from industry professionals, they are on hand to talk with you about all aspects of the business of film, because we are a small festival you will have access to these people all free of any charge, we screen all in one location all the panels the networking any meetings all is in one location, we have in past years had different locations but found it better to keep everything together, all the festival is free, the screenings, the networking, the meetings the panels all is free to all filmmaker and there guests many filmmakers promote there movie before they arrive, we make one charge that is the awards night, this is a 6 to 7 hour awards night that includes dinner and is a celebration of film, however we do not insist you join us at the awards night all other parts of the festival remain free, we feel the Madrid International Film Festival is one of the greatest and most popular festivals in Europe. This naturally fills our festival with a wealth of talent from around the world.

Our Madrid International Film Festival is all held in one convenient location; All of the screenings, workshops, meetings, networking, industry professionals, Awards Night and even hotel rooms. That means that we will always be there, supporting you and your project from before the Festival starts to the closing ceremony. So we won’t be hard to find, or difficult to locate, we know how important it is for Festival organisers to be on hand and to supply that all important personal touch. How do we know? We know because we already have huge experience in running other Film Festivals and from that we also know how to make it a better experience for you. With us, it will be.

Independent filmmakers and creatives face many challenges; the large competition for viewers’ attention, finding funding and getting a distributor can only be overcome by the industry coming together and creating opportunities for those who need and deserve it. Our Festival’s aim are to create an opportunity for filmmakers to show their work to the right audience at our intimate and relaxing events, and get one step closer to success by receiving recognition for their art.

For over 8 hugely successful years, we have been helping filmmakers find distribution and funding for their next filmmaking venture. Year after year, we are praised by filmmakers for the opportunities that unlock upon entering and participating in our festival.

There is ample opportunity to attend networking events, industry professional talk panels, workshops, guest speaker events, film premieres, financing talks, director Q&A's, film screenings and to socialize with like-minded creatives from all walks of life. All of this is neatly wrapped in a week-long showcasing of films where our strong community supports any and every film, from first-time artists to seasoned creators.

Our prestigious awards ceremony concludes the festival in high fashion with a 5-course gala dinner to celebrate our nominees and winners.

We are a unique festival that provides a real platform for filmmakers to meet, network and do business during the festival week.

We have built a small but exceptional network of industry professionals that will look at all films entered and will give business and commercial advice. We have many success stories where attending distributors have made offers to the filmmakers, launching them and their work into the marketplace. We have the people and skills in our professional team to make this happen.

We can create a ripple for your movie to be seen around the world. It all starts here by entering today.

Prestigious Trophy Award!

At our gala dinner awards ceremony, winners from each of our categories walk away with a prestigious trophy award to mark their talents and achievements in film.

The Madrid International Film Festival has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and entertainment. The Madrid International Film Festival is an annual event based in the City of Madrid in Spain; it is possible that each film nominated may be presented more than once.

Feature films, documentaries and short subjects of any genre on video and DVD are selected by invitation from entries to the festival.

Entries must have been produced within the last four years. All films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English, we also welcome but it is not compulsory to have Spanish as well as English subtitles were the film is in neither English or Spanish to increase the possible markets, unless dialogue or commentary is unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation. In the exceptional event that an unsubtitled print is accepted, English and Spanish dialogue lists are required.

The Madrid International Film Festival reserves the right to use excerpts from submitted work for promotional purposes only . If your submission is officially selected, the festival may screen your film as part of their activities to assist in the sale of your movie for up to 12 months after the festival date

The Festival is open to the public as well as attending distribution and sales professionals. We work with a number of accredited national and international press working with the screening venues in Madrid, we have TV buyers and film buyers and distributors also attending, you will if your film is nominated have one to one meetings if you wish to talk business on your movie.

Official or professional national organisations and individuals may submit feature and short films to the Festival. Films submitted for pre-selection should arrive no later than 20th May 2020 and must be shipped as per instructions above. All shipping costs of films must be borne by the sender. Please note: it is not possible for us to return any DVD or tapes, but can be collected by you at the festival... It is the Madrid International Film Festival's policy not to offer comments and reasons for films not selected for the programme.

By submitting your film you are agreeing to the Madrid International Film Festival screening your film during the Festival and using your film for promotional purposes, as well as all the above regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Charles Pelletier

    I don’t usually write reviews, but we were so impressed by The Independent Filmmaker Festival that I just had to give a shout out to this one. These guys put together a 10 out of 10 event; we came all the way from Los Angeles to take part, and would not have missed it for the world. Three simultaneous screening rooms roll films all day, and every film has its own individual screening time, even the shorts! We loved this structure. We had a short in the festival, so we loved being able to invite people to just our short, and then all pop out and watch another film made by friends attending the festival, rather than being caught in a block of films where many of the films has no one present representing their film. Some of you may disagree, bur motto is, you take the trouble to show up, we’ll take the trouble to see your film, if we can. The organization required behind the scenes to make this happen and stay on schedule, though, must be intense. But that is nothing next to the organization they must put in for their award show. Whoosh. So, for each award, the nominees are spoken, and as they are rattled off, remarkably, something like 10-second clips are shown for EACH project or actor. Just like they do at the oscars. A clip from OUR project was right up there while our name was read as a nominee. Made us feel like a million bucks. Hundreds of clips in an evening. I am still trying to figure out how they could have pulled this off. The sheer number of moving parts seems to make it implausible to do without errors, and yet there we were, watching it happen. We’ll go again - it was so awesome to take in a vacation to a great city and simultaneously get to attend the festival, and icing on the cake, the other filmmakers were a particularly warm and wonderful bunch.

    November 2018
  • John Y

    I had a wonderful experience in Madrid International Film Festuval . There is great hospitality from the organisers , Carl and Steve . The responses from them are quick and considerate . There was also great networking experience and filmmakers stayed together in the same hotel . After all, it’s great experience there and my film has obtained worldwide distribution from all these wonderful experiences.

    October 2018
  • Teresa Mular MD

    This is a wonderful festival where not only the organization is impeccable but the networking is outstanding. One of the best festivals one could attend . Fantastic films are selected and nominated and then when the memorable awards ceremony comes at the end you can feel the unique vibe suffused by the attendees , the honorees and the entire team of organizers . A most unique experience not to be missed !

    October 2018
  • michael redwood

    The team behind AIFF run the festivals for dedicated producers and writers, not just for the awards but for networking, planning and meeting really nice people. This is why we attended with set plans to find and secure finances for a (4-year-in-the-writing) screenplay we felt passionate about. A surprise bonus came when we also discovered 2 actresses, (Italian and Japanese) and a superb costume designer who agreed to join us. If it's a quick fix success story you're after, then it may be wise to avoid film festivals altogether, because every professional knows that each successful film will have its own long-and-winding-road story. AIFF can only be a part of that road, as it has been a part of many such successful stories. For us, it is a family orientated-close-networking-platform and had we not attended, we could never have met up with our current financiers who (by fluke in deciding to drop in on a visit to the festival) grabbed our screenplay, read it quickly, and agreed within 3 days to co-produce it on a larger scale than we'd planned.

    October 2018
  • Maha Al-Saati

    The good thing is that communication by email is excellent, they respond professionally and fast, and the staff is friendly and everything is neat, but the festival does run like a corporate, not a community of film-enthusiasts.

    This film festival should invest in a real audience, and needs to put more effort into getting real sponsors, distributors, producers, and most importantly real audience to come there in order to give real networking opportunities for filmmakers.

    because of the lack os sponsors, it depends solely on the the high submission fees and the extra money from filmmakers to print posters, brochures, and publish your interview in a magazine.

    I would suggest they start by connecting to the film community, producers, distributors in the city itself, investing more on marketing.

    To give it justice, this festival is internet-based, it has an IMDB existence. They have a lot of awards for almost every category, so a lot of filmmakers are almost guaranteed to be nominated to win something, which helps in adding laurels on your film poster or your IMDB page.

    October 2018