The Macedonian Film Festival was the first of its kind globally and like no other in North America, bringing together Macedonians and the Canadian community to be entertained by what Macedonia has to offer. Macedonian Film Festival is the primary venue in Canada for presenting films by Macedonian directors, writers, leading actors and producers with a Macedonian connection from around the world
The Festival features films with a Macedonian theme by filmmakers, regardless of their ethnic background. We want to create and encourage dialogue, reflect the Macedonian conscience and complex identity as well as promote our unique Macedonian culture.

Best Feature film premiering in Canada; Best Short Film premiering in Canada; Best Documentary film premiering in Canada. The award will be designed to reflect the culture and values of Macedonia, which are quite unique. The awards will be promoted on Toronto and Macedonian media, here and abroad.

Films must deal with subject matter or themes related to Macedonians and/or directed, written or starring Macedonians . Guest countries and their films are announced by the MFF prior to submission deadlines. Submission form on website