With the goal to expand the Museum of the Moving Image artistic multidisciplinarity, MIMO VIDEO ART aims to integrate an avant-garde immersive environment into the Museum's narrative structure.
A space dedicated to the exhibit of Video Art, Visual Essay or Experimental artistic works, in order to disseminate new forms of audiovisual language, selected through a careful curatorship.

Exhibition for one year at the Museum of the Moving Image (Portugal).

We accept all projects considered Video Art, Visual Essay or Experimental, from any country and year of production, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.
Preference for projects without dialogues and without subtitles.
We highly recommend that you visit our website to better understand what types of projects we are looking for.

The selected projects will be displayed for one year, on a "loop" screen in the gallery of the Museum of the Moving Image, in Leiria (Portugal).

Overall Rating
  • Amazing concept, as it invests on the visual arts importance in the Portuguese contemporary scene. Keep going!

    September 2022