MICE, Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico Museo do Pobo Galego, opens the announcement for 17 edition, that will take place on March 29-April 2, 2022. This edition will be held on-site and online,

The MICE, Museum do Pobo Galego, supports the cinema sensitive to the ethnographic way to understand the reality, that explores the new ethnographic topics and that invites to reflect on the process of composition of a cinematographic work with interest in the complex knowledge of the sociocultural phenomena. We would like to show various forms to present topics of the anthropological field, so much from the contents as from the audiovisual language.

The MICE supports the realisation of this type of cinema, especially the one that is created in our country and also be a space for exhibition, training and debate about the ethnographic cinema and the (audio) visual anthropology.


• Best Ethnographic Film Award consists of €1000.

• Best Galician Ethnographic Film Award consists of €800.

• Audience Award consists of a diploma and a trophy.

• AGANTRO-Asociación Galega de Antropoloxía Award (Galician Anthropology Association Award) consists of €500 and a trophy.

• CREA Award (Galician Association of Filmmakers) consists of €200 and a trophy

Financial awards are subject to current legislation.

This edition will be devoted to exploring the notion of rururbanity is a term that was coined to describe the continuous or hybrid spaces that emerged after the urbanization of rural areas. In this delocalization of metropolitan dynamics, the mobility of people, ideas, and cultural expressions contributed to blurring the urban/rural dichotomy, leading to the emergence of hybrid spaces. These spaces are inhabited by conflict and divergence, but they also host new ways of challenging, thinking, and socializing the peoples’ heritage and cultural practices

To be eligible to participate in MICE’s OFFICIAL SELECTION, all submitted works must have been produced after January 1, 2020.
MICE’s Selection Committee will not consider eligible to participate:
• -Any films showcased in previous editions of MICE.
• -Films co-created or co-produced by members of MICE’s staff.
• -Films with tourist-oriented or advertising purposes.
MICE’s Selection Committee will pay special attention to the following:
• -Relevance of the subject discussed in the film.
• -Technical quality.
• -Aesthetic vision.
• -Innovative approaches (in terms of the subject and cinematic approach).
• -Scientific relevance of the film.
Every filmmaker/production company can submit a maximum of two (2) works.

Films can be submitted through the following online platforms:
• -Clickforfestivals.
• -Festhome.
• -Filmfreeway.
If you experience technical issues and cannot register through these platforms, you can submit an application to participate to: mice@museodopobo.gal.

• -Selection Stage
If the language of your film’s original version is other than Galician, Spanish or English, you must upload a subtitled screener/additional captions for your film. These subtitles must be in Galician, Spanish or English.
• -Screening Stage
If your film is selected for participation, you must provide subtitles in Galician or Spanish.
If you experience issues with this stage, you can send an e-mail to mice@museodopobo.gal. Our team will provide you with a list of professional translators that work with Spanish and Galician. Remember to specify the desired language combination.

All submitted films will be reviewed by MICE’s Selection Committee. When the selection process is completed, MICE’s organization will notify the appointed representative of each selected film.
MICE’s organization will be in charge of designing the schedule for the screening of the films. Once the time/day for screening has been included in the festival’s official catalogue, the team representing the selected film will not be allowed to withdraw it from the competition.
Representatives of the selected films must submit a screening copy, preferably in Full HD 1080p. If your film is selected, MICE’s organization will provide you with all the information regarding the technical details and deadlines for submitting your copy (and the accompanying subtitles, if needed). MICE will not accept screening copies that do not meet the technical requirements for a quality screening. All screening copies must be submitted before February 20, 2023.
The screening copy must be sent along with an information sheet including title, file format, screening format, and details for audio display. In addition, the appointed representative must provide MICE with adequate material for the film's promotion (a press kit, three quality pictures, and a film poster).
The copy submitted for the screening must be a true copy of the original. The film may be withdrawn from the competition if this requirement is not met.
The screening copy will include subtitles in Galician or Spanish. Subtitles accessible for the deaf and the hard of hearing are preferred.
After the festival, all selected films (awarded or not) will be part of Museo do Pobo – MICE’s film archive. Private consultation of the films for educational and research purposes will be allowed. Any subsequent usage of these films in non-lucrative screenings, presentations and exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes will be duly regulated.

MICE’s organization will appoint the members of the jury. They will be professionals in the different fields relevant to the festival: the film scene, the audiovisual industry, the cultural scene, and the field of anthropology. The juries will be free to give the awards as per their best judgement. Their vote will be secret. All proposals shall be decided by absolute majority. The members of MICE’s organization can be present during the jury’s deliberations but will not be allowed to vote. Individuals with interests in the production or exploitation of the films will not be eligible to be part of the jury.

MICE’s Official Selection has two categories: International and Galician. All selected films will be eligible for the following award:
• ⎫MICE AWARD for Best Ethnographic Film – 1000 EUR, a trophy, and a diploma.
• ⎫AGANTRO AWARD for Anthropological Excellence, awarded by the Galician Association for Anthropology – 500 EUR and a trophy.
• ⎫CREA AWARD for Best Direction, awarded by the Galician Association of Professional Filmmakers and Film Directors – 200 EUR and a trophy.
• ⎫AUDIENCE AWARD – a trophy and a diploma.
All selected Galician films will be eligible for:
• ⎫MICE AWARD for Best Galician Ethnographic Film – 800 EUR, a trophy, and a diploma.
All prizes are subject to current legislation.

1. 1.Several activities will be offered in a dual format: on-site and online.
2. 2.The person registering the film for participation must be authorized by the production company and accept MICE’s Rules and Regulations.
3. 3.If you have submitted a film and it has been selected, MICE’s organization is authorized to use a clip (up to 3 minutes long) for dissemination and promotion purposes in the media.
4. 4.The participants are responsible for their film and declare that it is an original creation of the indicated author. MICE’s organization will not be liable for the content and ideas expressed in the films. Participating in the festival and accepting MICE’s awards compels the film director/distribution company/production company/etc. to mention the awards in all subsequent promotions and public usage of the film.
5. 5.Registering a film for participation in the festival implies full acceptance of the conditions included in these Rules and Regulations. MICE’s organization reserves the right to interpret and apply them.
6. 6.These Rules and Regulations exist in Galician, Spanish, and English. For any issues regarding their interpretation, the text for reference will be that of the Galician version.

Overall Rating
  • Thomas George

    It was really wonderful festival, i missed being there even it was my Documentary premier. I wish I could be there.

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much, George.
    We would have loved to meet you. We look forward to more occasions.
    Congratulations on your great film!