NEW DATES- MICE, Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico Museo do Pobo Galego, opens the announcement for 16 edition, that will take place on April 6-10, 2021. This edition will be held on-site and online,

The MICE, Museum do Pobo Galego, supports the cinema sensitive to the ethnographic way to understand the reality, that explores the new ethnographic topics and that invites to reflect on the process of composition of a cinematographic work with interest in the complex knowledge of the sociocultural phenomena. We would like to show various forms to present topics of the anthropological field, so much from the contents as from the audiovisual language.

The MICE supports the realisation of this type of cinema, especially the one that is created in our country and also be a space for exhibition, training and debate about the ethnographic cinema and the (audio) visual anthropology.


• Best Ethnographic Film Award consists of €1000.

• Best Galician Ethnographic Film Award consists of €800.

• Audience Award consists of a diploma and a trophy.

• AGANTRO-Asociación Galega de Antropoloxía Award (Galician Anthropology Association Award) consists of €500.

Financial awards are subject to current legislation.



The Museo do Pobo Galego (Museum of Galician People) organises the Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico - Ethnographic Film Festival. The 16th Mostra de Cinema Etnográfico Museo do Pobo Galego gets new dates. Event will now take March 23-28 2021, in Santiago de Compostela. Virtual options for screenings are also being considered.

We understand ethnographic cinema in a broad sense; it refers to those productions whose main aim is to show different aspects related to sociocultural realities as well as a community’s way of life. It comprises films with the main focus on people, social groups and relevant historical processes that are related to anthropology and ethnography.

The criteria will take into account the relevance of the social questions addressed, the technical quality and the aesthetic sense, the innovation in both its subject matter and its presentation, as well as its scientific relevance.

To be eligible for this Festival, the submitted films must have been produced after 1st January 2018.

Film authors may submit a maximum of two films.

Films made in different languages from Galician or Spanish must be subtitled in one of these languages or English.

Works shown in previous editions of the MICE and those films produced by people who take part in the Festival's organisation will not be accepted. Likewise, films with touristic or commercial content are also excluded.

Films must be submitted on FilmFreeway.
The deadline for film submissions is January 8, 2021, at 23h59.

The selection of the documentaries for the Official Selection is the responsibility of the Festival. Once the selection process is completed, the organisation will notify its decision to the provided contact(s). The films screening schedule will be decided by the organisation. Once the film is included in the festival catalogue, its unilateral withdrawal will not be permitted.

A screening copy –preferably high definition digital copy– of the selected film must be sent. The Festival will not accept copies that do not meet the minimum conditions of screening. Screening copies should be received no later than 10th March 2021.
The screening copy must include the title, format, screen and sound requirements. A minimum of three digital images of the documentary must also be sent (frames, promotional poster,...), together with the author’s films and the additional relevant information.

Original works submitted for screening must be exactly the same as the copy originally sent for selection. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the submission being disqualified.

The subtitle for the screening in the competition section should preferably be in Galician or Spanish and will try, as far as possible, to provide accessibility criteria for deaf people.

The selected films will become part of the Festival archive, and their use is therefore authorised for research and educational purposes. The submission of a film to the Festival implies the acceptance of these rules and regulations.


The jury reserves the right to award mentions as they deem appropriate.

The vote of the jury will be secret while the process of selecting the awards takes place. Decisions will be made by an absolute majority of votes. The Festival organisers may attend the deliberations but will not participate in the voting.
Any person who may have an interest in the film production or commercialisation will be unable to be part of the jury.


• Best Ethnographic Film Award consists of €1000.

• Best Galician Ethnographic Film Award consists of €700.

• Audience Award consists of a diploma and a trophy.

• AGANTRO-Asociación Galega de Antropoloxía Award (Galician Anthropology Association Award) consists of €500.

Financial awards are subject to current legislation.


This edition will be held on-site and online.

The person responsible for entering the film in the Festival must be authorised to lend a copy of the film by the production company and will accept the festival rules and regulations.

The Organisation is authorised to make public use in the media of film footage of up to three minutes of the selected films.
The person submitting the work will be responsible for the authorship and originality of each film submitted; the Organisation is exempt from any responsibility with regards to the film contents.

The acceptance of the MICE award means to include it in the later advertising.

The submission of a film implies the acceptance of the conditions established in the Rules and Regulations, whose interpretation and application is the responsibility of the Organisation.

The festival Rules and Regulations are published in Galician, Spanish and English. The reference version for any problem concerning its interpretation will be the Galician version.