MIBBB (The Men in Black Birthday Bash) Film Festival is a film festival devoted to short films that ask big questions – about reality, mythology, conspiracy, and authority. Films that challenge things we have learned and everything we’ve been told.

Past. Future. Or here and now. We seek terrific stories of the unexplained and unresolved. Cover-ups, governments gone awry, Orwellian commentaries. Have you explored the nexus of disinformation, espionage, secret societies, government experiments, surveillance, cults, apocalyptic warnings, whistleblowers, leaks, investigators, detectives, CIA, FBI, off-book agencies, or paranormal? Could your film have been an X-File, Twilight Zone, Night Stalker or Black Mirror episode? We’d like to see it.

We embrace these stories across all genres – speculative fiction, thrillers, sci-fi, comedy, suspense, true crime, legal, horror, family, historical, and drama. We welcome documentaries, narratives, and animation. We won’t reject a musical. If your film reveals some hidden truth about our human condition - we’d like to see it, and if it’s great, we’d love to share and celebrate it.

MIBBB Film Fest is the film festival component of “6/22,” the annual Men in Black Birthday Bash. Held each year in Des Moines, Washington, 6/22 commemorates history’s first alleged encounter with the so-called “men in black,” the infamous 1947 “Maury Island Incident,” and the top-secret government intervention that followed. MIBBB Film Fest is also inspired by “Burning Saucer,” the secretive annual celebration of the Maury Island Incident Historical Society, as featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Den of Geek, Fate Magazine, and on Ancient Aliens.

• Best in Show
• Best Short Narrative
• Best Short Documentary
• Best Short Experimental
• Best Director
• Best Actor
• Best Screenplay
• Special Jury Recognitions at discretion of the jury
• Audience Choice

To be 2024 eligible, films must comply with the following:
• 15 minutes or less (except "long shorts" category, up to 30 minutes).
• You must grant permission for an in-person screening at Harper Studios in Des Moines, Washington, June 21, 2024.
• Non-English films must be subtitled.

Submission Rules:

• Submissions are accepted ONLY through FilmFreeway.
• Multiple submissions must be provided as individual submissions.
• 'Works in progress' will NOT be considered.
• Submission fees are not refundable.
• All submissions must be received by the final deadline – May 15, 2023.

By submitting a film, you agree that you have secured all necessary rights, and MIBBB Fest’s exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any personal, privacy, or intellectual property rights of others, including but music, images, and content. You grant MIBBB Fest the right to use clips from the film at the Festival or online for promotional, archival, and other non-commercial uses