Born in Tuscany in the town of Livorno, Italy, he started as photographer at the age of 12th and grew up as filmmaker since 20 years old. He directed 89 documentary movies and 8 Television series for the Italian National & Private TV (Rai - Mediaset - Tele+) and distributed on several international networks including SKY, BBC 1, France 2, FOX TV, Amazon Prime Video. In 2019 he resumed directing a new documentary short movie plus a TV series. Actually he is directing the season 1 finale of"Templars" a mini series of 5 episodes. He is also in pre-production status for a new mini Tv series " A & F " Amy & Francesca a Gourmet and Wine Story.
He directed all the following:
(1987) "Discovering Queensland"
(1988) "Islanda l' Isola dei Vulcani"
(1989) "Isole nel Vento"
(1990) "Te Pito o Te Henua, l' ombelico del Mondo"
(1991) "Uluru, il mistero dell' Australia"
(1992) "Storie di Aborigeni"
(1996) "Sounds & Colors of Siam"
(1998) "North Lands Circle: i parchi d' Europa"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Francia, Inghilterra e Irlanda"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Irlanda e Scozia"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Scozia e Islanda"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Islanda e Isole Faroer"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Isole Faroer e Norvegia"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Norvegia e Svezia"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Oltre l' Artico"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Finlandia"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Danimarca, Germania, Italia"
(1998) "N.L.C.: Sardegna"
(1999) " River: Angers e la Mayenne"
(1999) " River: Angers e la Sarthe"
(1999) " River: Dall' Anjou alla Bretagna"
(1999) " River: Bretagna, Il Canal du Brest"
(1999) " River: Bretagna, La Vilaine e l' Aff"
(1999) " River: La Dordogne"
(1999) " River: Irlanda, il fiume Shannon"
(1999) " River: Irlanda, il Connemara"
(1999) " River: Alsazia e Lorena"
(1999) " River: Alsazia, la cucina e i vini"
(1999) " River: Livorno e la sua Venezia"
(1999) " River: Livorno e il canale Navicelli"
(1999) " Paesaggi: Maldive, Vilu Reef"
(1999) " Paesaggi: Dubai, Miraggio nel Deserto"
(2000) "Reportage: Dubai, Cattedrali nel Deserto"
(2000) "Reportage: La Vandea e la Loira Atlantica"
(2000) "Reportage: Normandia"
(2000) "Reportage: Le Pays d' Auge"
(2000) "Reportage/Cruising: Crociera Carnival, Da Miami a Cozumel
(2000) "Reportage/Cruising: Crociera Carnival, Gran Cayman e Jamaica
(2000) "Reportage: Bahamas, l' Ultima Atlantide"
(2000) "Reportage: North West Trail, California"
(2000) "Reportage: North West Trail, Oregon & Washington State"
(2000) "Reportage: Mauritius"
(2000) "Reportage: South Africa, Capetown & Surroundings"
(2000) "Reportage: South Africa, from Kwa Zulu to Sun City"
(2001) "Reportage: Tasmania"
(2001) "Reportage: Tasmania, Hobart & Surroundings"
(2001) "Reportage: South Australia, Kangaroo Island"
(2001) "Reportage: South Australia, Clare Valley & Adelaide"
(2001) "Reportage: Great Wines & Ocean Road of Australia"
(2001) "Reportage: Melbourne & the Southern Cross"
(2001) "Reportage: The Troglodytes of Saumur"
(2001) "Reportage: Le Pays Cathare"
(2001) "Reportage: A Descent into the Maelstrom of Norway"
(2002) "Reportage: Unmistakably Malay"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 1 "New York Charleston"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 2 "The Road of Music"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 3 "Toward to West"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 4 "Arizona Dreaming"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 5 " 9/11 Beat "
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 6 "Back to East"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 7 "Denver's Jack"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 8 "Native Spirits"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 9 "Blues'n Bop"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 10 "Kerouac's Grave"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 11 "Return to Zero"
(2003) "Hit the Road Jack!": Chapter 12 "The American Circle"
(2003) "Soneva Life Style in Maldives"
(2003) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Camargue e Rodano"
(2003) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Rodano e Reno"
(2003) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "I Canali Olandesi"
(2003) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Oltre il Tamigi"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Il Passaggio a Nord Ovest di Sacajawea"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Isole del Fiume Hudson"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Le Acque dei Dogi" 1
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Le Acque dei Dogi" 2
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Le Acque dei Dogi" 3
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Gozo, Malta e Comino"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Chicago la Città del Vento"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Il Dakota di Balla coi Lupi"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Lisbona - Montecarlo, la Rotta del Lusso"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Top New England"
(2004) "Le Vie d' Acqua": "Sfida alle Virgin Islands"
(2004) "Fernanda Pivano": "La Beat Generation Eredità dei Giovani"
(2005) "Abitar Viaggiando": "L' Isola dei Templi"
(2019) "Abitar Viaggiando": "L'Isola di S.Pietro"
(2019) "Templars: The Da Vinci Code Secrets"
(2021) "Templars: The Medici Mystery"
(2022) "Templars: The Sinclair Legacy"
(2023) "Templars: Gudrid the Fair"
  • Director (3 Credits)
    Gudrid the Fair2023
    Documentary, Feature, Television, Web / New Media
    The Sinclair Legacy2022
    Documentary, Feature, Television, Web / New Media
    San Pietro Island2020
    Documentary, Short, Television, Web / New Media, Other
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February 11, 1965
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From the sea came a tense wind that pulverized the crest of the waves, it was an immense expanse of foam and the bite of the cold was felt in the water ... but now everything seemed to belong to the past ... the change was not in the beach, in the wind, in the waves, the change was in the people ...
from "Big Wednesday" by John Milius
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