The Media Arts Show is a unique opportunity for students to exhibit/screen their work and to see what their peers are producing. The show also allows Media Arts Teachers to network and collaborate.

Students who attend school in the Lower Hudson Region of NYS are invited to exhibit their work at this show. Photography, Digital Images, Film, Video, Animation, Creative Sound, Graphic Arts are eligible media.
Students who are not enrolled in media classes may register on their own but must still include their school information.

For students who earn an Exemplary Media Art Award their work will be publicized and posted on our youtube channel (all rights remain with the artist). Students will receive a commemorative award acknowledging their achievement. To earn an "Exemplary Media Art Award", a student's work must show noteworthy content, a creative approach, attention to composition, and command of craft.
Judges will look for:
clarity of vision / personal or social statement and content appropriate for a high school audience;
creativity, inventiveness, originality;
design, image composition;
craftsmanship, technique as fitting the media e.g. clear sound, lighting, shots, etc.

To earn a Presidents' Award
Only those 12th graders who are graduating June 2022 may submit work to be considered.
Students must submit 3- 5 films, videos or animations.
For the President's Award student work is chosen based on the following criteria:
A student whose entire body of work shows noteworthy content, a creative approach, attention to composition, a command of craft, is visually and technically outstanding.

Tom Gala Award for Sound and Music:
The Tom Gala Award for Sound and Music is given in memory of Thomas P. Gala, co-producer of the annual Youth Media Arts Shows, who loved music and the arts – especially the unique expression by young media makers. The work that is chosen must include original student music or creative sound.

FIlms are limited to a 5-minute time frame. If your film is longer please email us.
Permission must be granted for download (all rights remain with the artist) so that we can create Awards Playlists.