The Lookout Wild Film Festival is an outdoor adventure and conservation festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA held in the famous Tivoli "Jewel of the South" Theater.

From humble beginnings we have grown each year in stature and attendance. In 2020, we were pleased to seat more than 5,000 audience members over 4 days including a sell-out of the Tivoli theater. We are looking for films that celebrate wild places and the diversity of people they inspire.

Topics of films may include — but are not limited to — exploration, conservation, nature, wildlife, survival and outdoor activities and adventure sports. Some sports/activities we hope to encompass are: rock climbing, cycling, paddling, hiking, hang gliding, skiing, running, mountain biking, fishing, birding, snowshoeing, caving, boarding (snow, wake, skate and others), horseback riding, surfing, multisport, slack lining, base jumping and whatever else people are doing outside.

We are looking for narrative and documentary films, feature-length films, short films and everything in between.

But beyond any specific activity or theme, the LWFF board is looking for films that share our love of the outdoors and storytelling. We want films that take us places we can't go — or haven't gone yet. We want films that help us see things with a new perspective.

Chattanooga is a youthful, growing outdoor mecca drawing in top adventurers from around the United States. The city are also garnering attention from media outlets and tourism groups, headlined by Outside Magazine calling the Scenic City its "Best Town Ever" in twice - the first city to do so.

We believe that the Lookout Wild Film Festival is a key part of Chattanooga's continued growth as a destination for both outdoor enthusiasts. We hope to see you here and thank you for your consideration as a venue for your film!

For the 2021 Festival we want to make sure our audience is kept safe as we adapt to local Covid protocols. Since Covid forced a change of our 5000+ attendee indoor Festival in the historic Tivoli theater we have decided to share our selected films as part of a FREE 15 weekend celebration of live music and films to thank our audience for the past 8 years of making this festival a success. These will be shown on a large outdoor screen at Miller Park to the 2000-3000 people attending this weekly series of events - again for free to give back to our great Chattanooga community. We will be returning the the glorious Tivoli Theater in January 2022 for a very special 10th anniversary.

We are looking for projects that celebrate outdoor adventure and conservation around the Southeast, North America and the world.

There are no time constraints for when the film was produced.

There are no location constraints for where the film takes place, aside from our Southeastern Film category and our 100 miles from Chattanooga photo category.

Online screeners and digital submissions preferred. Submission by mail will gladly be accepted, but please consider the environment in choosing your packaging material.

Time-lapse and Photography submissions for the 2021 Festival will be rolled over into the 2022 Festival as the current outdoor format does not lend itself to these 2 categories. We thank you for your understanding.

First place "Loggy" awards for each category

By submitting your film and/or photographs, you agree that you have rights to all content in the submission.

By submitting your film you agree to allow Lookout Wild Film Festival (LWFF) to show your film(s) and/or photo(s) at our in person festival or virtual online festival if local health restrictions prevent in person gatherings.

By submitting your film(s) you agree to allow Lookout Wild Film Festival to show your film(s) as part of our LWFF Film Tour. This option can be rescinded at the option of the filmmaker if submitted in writing to LWFF.

Films may be shown at multiple screenings.

Photos may be shown at multiple exhibits.

Photos, trailers, screen grabs or filmmaker submitted images may be used in promotional material and social media.

Overall Rating
  • David Jervidal

    Very glad to be part of this festival! Can definitely recommend!

    February 2020
  • Mike Wilkinson

    As a filmmaker from the southeast, I had a great time at this fest. While they brought in some great films from all over, they definitely had an appreciation for those specifically from the southeast. As such, I was able to network with other filmmakers and photographers in my region.

    The hospitality, theatre, and volunteer help were all great! The Tivoli is an awesome venue for this. Hoping I have some more work to submit next year!

    January 2020
  • Justin Pugh

    Great festival with superb programming! As a filmmaker, my only criticisim is unfortunately the festival provides no means for networking with industry peers. Hopefully, this change in the future, as film selections are very well curated, and Chattanooga is a great festival destination.

    If you're looking for festivals to showcase your adventure film please submit!

    March 2019
  • Nicole Potgieter

    I have been to this festival as both an attendee and a filmmaker with a film shown. It is an awesome experience. There was great communication between myself and the event organizers. Everything went smoothly and I really learned from the experience. Would definitely recommend as either an attendee or filmmaker!

    February 2019
  • Very special film festival with a lot of character!
    Unfortunately I couldn't visit the festival because the journey from Switzerland was too expensive for me. Maybe another time! It was a great honour for me that my Scotland film was shown at the festival.
    I would like to thank Andy John for the good communication.

    February 2018