Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture is pleased to announce its second annual, short film festival focusing on Yuba and Sutter counties. Titled “Look at Us, Yuba-Sutter,” the festival will feature films that are 13 minutes or less in length and that have all been created locally.

So why a film festival? The cinematic arts have become more and more accessible for everyone over the years as the technology is readily available to anyone who wants to tell a story using this artistic medium. The short film format seemed like an ideal way to create a program by providing a prompt for local amateur or professional filmmakers to demonstrate their cinematic visions and then be recognized at a public event. The brainchild of City of Yuba City Councilman, Shon Harris, the idea is to focus on our community and channel the collective creativity of our residents.

“I really wanted to offer a challenge to local creative folks to come up with a cinematic way to document what makes our area so special like the people, places, events and our history,” said Shon. “Fully acted or documentary films and even way-out-there animated films are welcome, as long as they are family friendly,” he added.

There are three filmmaker categories: Student (7th – 12th grades), Amateur and Professional. Film genre categories include Animation, Documentary/Mockumentary, Scripted/Fictional, and Music Video. Cash prizes will be awarded for Best Student Film, Best Amateur Film and Best Professional Film all regardless of genre. In each case, first place winners will receive $200, second place winners will receive $100, and third place winners will receive $50. In addition, a People’s Choice Award will be given for $100. Films will be judged based on engaging and interesting stories, camera technique, understandable audio, thoughtful lighting and editing transitions and use of music to create mood. Complete Festival Guidelines can be found at yubasuttterarts.org.

Films must be 13 minutes or less in length. Principal photography must occur in Sutter and/or Yuba Counties in northern California.