**NEW: LSC has teamed up with professional screenwriter and Artificial Intelligence expert Dr. Alexis Kirke (described by Indiewire as "the future of filmmaking"). For a slightly higher entry fee you can request an additional - cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence - analysis of your script, benchmarking it to the writing style of this year's Hollywood Black List. This includes recommendations on how to make your writing style compete with that of those top paid screenwriters!**

Note: the main competition judging is done by HUMANS, and their structured reader feedback of the first 10 pages will be passed on to writers for all scripts entered into the LSC.

“What a great competition and so so valuable to hone those first ten pages. I've already had a surge of new followers on Twitter...winning this has already helped me with spec emails and garnering more interest when networking.”

Just how do you get an agent in the competitive world of screenwriting? Two key methods are: (i) give your screenplays a compelling opening; (ii) build a CV with screenwriting competition wins.

"Screenplays have to be read by somebody, and in most cases the reader...knows whether the screenplay is of any worth within those first pages...At the beginning of a screenplay, you’ve only got about 10 pages..." (Michael Schilf of TheScriptLab.com). Here are more links to expert comments on how important the first 10 pages are: http://www.londonswc.com/?page_id=77

“There is a lot of luck in this business, but there is plenty you can do to increase the possibilities of your luck, which is being in the right place at the right time, getting involved in competitions...” (Jean Kitson, MBA)

The London International Screenwriting Competition is a regular event that focuses on what gets your scripts read by agents in Hollywood or Soho: the first 10 pages. Winning the LSC is about making an impact FAST with your opening. If you think your script can catch the attention of the pros (who regularly have to deal with hundreds of scripts), then you've got a good chance of winning LSC, and vice versa. All you need to submit is the first 10 pages of your feature or TV script (or in the case of a short script, a maximum of 10 pages). They will be evaluated by, amongst others, professional readers and award-winning screenwriters.

NOTE: You can submit feature, TV or short scripts of any length, but only the first 10 pages will be judged.

Precise prize levels will be based around number of entries each month, so may go up and down:

Winner: £100 / $120
Finalists: Names announced on londonswc.com
Semi-Finalists: Names announced on londonswc.com

All of the above have the option of having their script hosted on londonswc.com

Note: Winners and Finalists are entitled to a 10% discount on LSC's full script coverage service, semi-finalists and selected writers to a 5% discount (see here for more details: http://www.londonswc.com/?page_id=81).

Screenwriters retain all control and copyright over submitted material. Scripts must be submitted in standard screenplay format and font (small fonts and margins will be disqualified). Entry fees are non-refundable. Entrants may submit more than one script but must pay a separate entrance fee for each.

NOTE: You can submit scripts of any length, but only the first 10 pages will be judged.

Overall Rating
  • Had a great experience submitting to this festival. Was so honoured to have my screenplay get into the semi final. This is the first competition I have submitted to that has focused on those first 10 pages of the script. It is such a great idea to do that and has become very useful. Their review of my script was excellent and I've already made the alterations I need. Would definitely consider submitting again.

    December 2020
  • Matt Townsend

    So happy to be a quarter finalist with my first feature screenplay 'Mia'. Looking forward to submitting again in the near future.

    December 2020
  • Syed Ahmed

    I wish all the success of LISC ! All the best for a bright future!

    December 2020
  • So honored to have won with my screenplay PRAYING MANTIS IN A JAR. I am always so pleased when a festival delivers on their promises. This festival gets an A+. I cannot recommend this festival more.

    December 2020
  • I thought the feedback from the film festival was very thorough and helpful.

    November 2020