“Big thanks to London International Screenwriting Competition for the Semifinalist placement. Industry Professionals are already reaching out! Thanks.” LSC Semifinalist.

“What a great competition and so so valuable...I’ve already had a surge of new followers on Twitter…winning this has already helped me with spec emails and garnering more interest when networking.” LSC Winner.

NOTE: written feedback and scores will be provided by the judges for ALL entries.

Just how do you get an agent, manager or producer in the competitive world of screenwriting? Two key methods are: (i) capture their attention in the first 5 pages; (ii) build a CV with screenwriting competition wins.

"Screenwriters, Your First Five Pages are Key For Executives With Short Attention Spans" (Joel Eisenberg)

"The all-important first 5 pages of any script relies on character, story, action, description and dialogue to create an entire world any studio executive, producer, director, or movie star will want to live in for the next 2 to 5 years of their lives. " (Screenwriters University)

“There is a lot of luck in this business, but there is plenty you can do to increase the possibilities of your luck, which is being in the right place at the right time, getting involved in competitions...” (Jean Kitson, agent, MBA)

"Screenwriting contests can be an excellent way for aspiring writers to gain recognition, network with industry professionals, and advance their careers." (No Film School)

The London International Screenwriting Competition is a regular event that focuses on what gets your scripts read by agents in Hollywood or Soho: those first 5 pages. Entering the LSC is not only about the opportunity to add a win to your CV, but also an opportunity to get extensive feedback that can raise your script to the next level! All screenplays will be evaluated by professional readers and award-winning screenwriters, based on their first 5 pages - the pages that really count.

For a slightly higher entry fee you can request an additional analysis of your screenplay's text, benchmarking it to the writing style of the prestigious Hollywood Black List using a cutting-edge Neural Network. This includes recommendations on how to make your writing style compete with that of those buzz-worthy screenwriters!

Winner: 45-minute career consultation with one of our experts on getting representation, full studio style coverage of a whole script of your choice by one of our judges (3 pages of feedback), free lifetime access to the LSC Black List/Oscars Neural Network, and name announced on londonswc.com and our social media.

Finalists: Free lifetime access to the LSC Black List/Oscars Neural Network and names announced on londonswc.com and our social media.

All of the above have the option of having their script hosted on londonswc.com

Note: Finalists are entitled to a 10% discount on LSC's full script coverage service, semi-finalists and selected writers to a 5% discount (see here for more details: http://www.londonswc.com/?page_id=81).

Screenwriters retain all control and copyright over submitted material.

Incomplete scripts are permissible, as only the first five pages are evaluated.

Scripts must be submitted in standard screenplay format and font (small fonts and margins will be disqualified).

Scripts of all lengths may be submitted but only the first five pages are evaluated by our judges.

Entry fees are non-refundable. Entrants may submit more than one script but must pay a separate entrance fee for each.

Overall Rating
  • Peter McGrath

    Thank you to the London International Screenwriting Competition for selecting Because of You as a semi-finalist. This is a very appropriate honor for this screenplay which tells the true story of an American officer and an English woman who fall in love in WW II. She is an officer in the British ATS and has a flat in West Kensington Court, London that is featured in several scenes in the screenplay.

    May 2024
  • I can't really say anything about this competition except that I was pleased to have won an award from them for my screenplay THE WOMAN CALLED THURSDAY. Based on the first five pages, apparently. I did feel pretty good about those pages.

    April 2024
  • Jeff Gendelman

    HEADWIND is currently a finalist - thank you! And congratulations to all screenwriters who put themselves out there and submitted. We all know that 'chance invites risk, but it also invites reward.'

    March 2024
  • E Chen

    Dear Whom,
    First time reviewing all memeber feedback and gain more source. I joined as writer since I was 22 years old as healthcare major to become nurse fild, but the brave and hard working that my teacher and other willing to training me through and submitted the championship winner. In year 2022, I had moved to my parent house because I lost job and home due to there activity event; I started to write story about a young man who turned to shadow and protected her partner then become lover. I was bored and cannot find any job. Therefore, I joined this event but never got chance to hear any email from them. Until later on, when my network get back normal and some issue with place I stay; I hope it is not too late to catch on. I like to thank you that I saw my name show on the list and hope to forward hearing from you back. I am not sure what to do next if you do not mind tell us? I was iSemi-Finalist. Do we get prize for it? I read all information but still confused. And I am very happy to join your team here as well. Thank you so much

    January 2024
  • This is a very beautiful festival and this is a great honor to be semi-finalist with my screenplay :the Priory of Sion .Thank you very much Florence Cazebon-Taveau France

    December 2023