In a world of big budget and HUGE budget film, it’s hard to be seen in the indie market. What happens to indie films after festivals? We're saying, stop shelving the shorts and get your films seen again and again just as if they were theatrically released.

London Lo-No Pop-up Cinema Festival provides screening and exhibition to independent films. We operate in venues across London screening evenings of films to the capital. Unlike mainstream cinema we will only screen the super low budget, the talent of the future.

We have screened and represented short films from many of the worlds leading festivals, as well as films backed by some of the best film organisations. For example; Aesthetica, Nashville, Palm Springs, St Louis, Berlin, Festival De Cannes Court Métrage, as well as backing from Film London, BFI, British arts Council to name but a few!

Submitting is more than just sending in your film. You will be welcomed into our NETWORK so we can continue to invite you to events and networking opportunities. This is the start of DISTRIBUTION, for everyone. Become part of the movement today!

We started with our pop-up events, gaining ground and getting short films out there. The aim is to build the pop up so we are running more and more regular events, with the view to monetising short film distribution through our own permanent short film cinema in the heart of London. We don't just screen films we also host Q and As with the filmmakers, talks from industry practitioners etc. (at a previous event we had a talk from Film London, London Calling funded short filmmakers Jimmy Dean and Ellie Gocher).

There is a new market for indie film which we hope to support, and feed the rewards back to all the indie filmmakers out there. Join us for some small stories.

Our events are casual, we are always interested in filmmakers taking part in Q and As and we encourage a discussion at the end! We might even play a few games.

Join us and invite your family and friends along to one of our upcoming events. See the website for more information.

Best Fiction Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Animation Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film

Prior Screenings:
We don't mind if you have screened at festivals or events before now, we encourage you do so! But if you are screening with us that might affect you for festival entry, depending on the specific festivals terms. Be sure you check with them, and enter all the festivals you may want before taking part.

Independent Production:
Films produced, financed, or initiated by a major motion picture studio are not eligible for the competition. We also encourage films of a low - no budget range. Up to about £10,000 for shorts.

We would love all filmmakers to be involved in Q and As on our screening nights.

All films must be in English or with English subtitles.

By entering your film you are granting permission for LoNo Cinema Festival to use small clips, or stills from your film to advertise short film, and to promote good independent productions. We may do this even if we don't play your film as part of our programme. This is not just for self advertising, we are trying to encourage a wider audience to engage with short films, and want to represent the wealth of high quality work out there.

You must agree the film being submitted does not break any laws, and that all necessary licenses, royalties, release forms have been obtained, and that you own full rights to the film. You are granting the cinema the right to screen any submitted films upon approval of screening date. You are also granting the cinema permission to use footage, stills and/or titles, and information from or relating to the Film for promotional purposes.

By submitting you are agreeing that your film has not during its production or in its content actually threatened or bodily harmed any person or animal, and does not demonstrate hate nor mock any individual or group of people in a derogatory manor. The film and its production must have complied with all laws, and not be subject to any criminal or unlawful activity.

Overall Rating
  • Emma Catalfamo

    I was not able to attend, but I was notified of my finalist status in a timely manner. Hopefully I can come next time!

    July 2017
  • Andrew Carslaw

    Thank you Lo-No for selecting our short film 'Emmi' for as part of the Real Stories line-up. This was our first experience and it was a wonderful evening. Event organiser Ashley was a fantastic host and clearly has a huge appreciation and knowledge of film. The other films programmed were excellent, the film quiz and popcorn were an added bonus. There was also a nice balance between actual filmmakers (with networking opportunities) and general audience members. We definitely hope to return in the future.

    April 2017