Welcome to Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival, a Biannual Event with a Prestigious awards ceremony held in the very heart of Yorkshire in Harrogate every July and December.

As well as guest judges we will also have live stand up, music, live screenings and of course the awards themselves. There is also a bar available all evening and there will also been plenty of opportunity for networking.

Lit Laughs, a company formed early 2018 by a group of talented comedians, aim to promote and celebrate the world of comedy by rewarding talented and funny work regardless of budget and location.

Dates for the 2020 Live events are July 11 and December 12 and will be held at The Manhattan Club, Beech Avenue, Harrogate HG2 8DY from 19.00 – late.

All official entries will receive a digital certificate
Trophy's will be awarded to all winners of each category on the night
We will also offer to produce the winning sketch screenplay
We will also have an award for funniest performance and a special trophy for biggest laugh over all. all entries will be automatically entered in to these at no extra cost .

Work can be submitted from any year as funny does not have an expiry date
For screenplays - Features must be over 50 pages
- shorts must be over 5 pages up to 50
- micro shorts must be over 1 page up to 5
- Sketches 1 page

For Films - Features must be over 50 mins
- Shorts 5 - 50 mins
- Micro shorts 1-5 mins
- Sketches up to 1 min