All films are curated with the intention of showing a world we desire to live in.

Life Screenings searches for films that are touching, unique and different.

Life Screenings in association with the Winter Park Library brings an international short film screening exhibit to Orlando.

This 80 minute event goes beyond movie night and into a shared experience which includes films, filmmakers, lovers of film and engaging conversation.

International filmmakers are Skyped in to partake in an encouraged, relaxed exchange of ideas.

Create a world you want to live in and send it to us.

● Films with a running time of 15 minutes or less are considered.
● Selected filmmakers need to provide a digital format copy of their film via dropbox or google drive.
● Filmmakers must be present either in person or via Skype.
● Films submitted in languages other than English must include English Subtitles.
● While the work submitted remains the property of the creating artist, Life Screenings reserves the right to use submitted footage or stills to promote the festival. Filmmaker also permits use of images or video taken of them at the festival.
● All filmmakers will be notified regarding acceptance into the festival by email.

Overall Rating
  • Lidia Napoli

    Such a lovely festival!
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart :)

    July 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Keep creating, Lidia.

  • A lovely festival with such a wonderful cause to imagine and show a better world and to spread some positivity in the world.
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the festival but I had a Skype chat with the organiser, the audience and other filmmakers. It was a great way to feel involved and to hear some interesting questions and lovely comments. The communication from the beginning till the end was great, and I definitely felt like part of the community :)
    Thank you so much for selecting and screening my short film Bus Stop!

    May 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Please send me you next creation, Ilze. We loved The Busstop

  • Petra Trampuž Bocevska

    It was a great pleasure to be part of Life Screenings. I loved talking to you via Skype and see the audience. Thank you very much that my film was a part of your journey.

    March 2018
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    Response from festival:

    A pleasure, Petra. Keep creating.

  • Pierre GAFFIÉ

    This festival is very valuable because of the "Skype" possibilities. There are so many (let's say : 99% of them !) festivals that don't settle a Skype discussion, that the frustration is everywhere for filmmakers. Banks, the festival host, has the wonderful gift to ask deep and light questions at the same time. Being able to talk with the audience while being 5000 miles away is also a gem. I must admit that one remark from a viewer (last week) led me to make a small change in the editing of "Quite quiet". Audiences are not necessary right, but they are always worth listening to... After all that's for them that you make movies... So long live Life screenings !

    November 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Keep creating, Pierre. Your films are a breath of fresh air.

  • Dianne Ouellette

    Wonderful intimate festival. Enjoyed being able to Skype to answer questions after the screening and to be able to see the audience and Banks. Lovely group of people! Thank you for including my short film in your festival.

    October 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Dianne has a unique voice. "Alexander" is fresh and tender.