The greatest journey one can take, is to believe in one’s self.
Earnest House Of Diaz / EDC
Know as the most diverse designer of our times...
From watching his mother sew clothing for him as a child, Earnest began modeling his mother’s craft, at only five years old. Following his heart and using extraordinary imagination, Earnest began designing at the age of twelve.
Earnest's creative thinking has led him in many directions. Earnest has worked with both the “who's who” of celebrities and individuals representing large corporations. His creations brought entrepreneurial ideas to life.
Earnests' Eclectic Designs Clothing: Business Dress, Wedding Dresses, Tuxedos, and Evening, Casual & Western Attire.
Collections Designed: Handbags, underwear, exterior survival equipment (including underwater diving and surveillance equipment), and an Avant-Garde collection for men.
Entertainment designs: costumes for magicians, appropriate clothing for TV commercials, apparel for the arts, reality shows and silver screen.
While working with Tim Hamrock Interiors as an assistant designer, the talent of Earnest fashion design came to the attention of Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis. In 1999, Mr. Lewis became the first major client of Earnest.
Earnest greeted the opportunity with a dear friend B. Woskow Esq. to design for the International Mars Society. To date, he is the only fashion designer in history to design a full collection for life on Mars. The exquisite collection was exhibited at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Mars Society, held in Boulder, Colorado, on August 8, 2002. Items from this debut included: Daywear, Nightwear, Business Dress, Evening wear and children's clothing. Of course, Earnest has also included Mars Outfits for pets.
In 2005, Earnest was inspired by a private client to create a full collection of Men’s underwear - Sk’n. “The Uninhabited Pleasure” expanded to include E-Lounge wear.
Unbeknownst to everyone, Earnest suffered the loss of family, friends, and the love of his life. The depression started to show his ugly head and Earnest struggled by all possible means to prevent it from taking over his life. Earnest wrote his way out from the darkness.
Earnest: I was starting to be physically ill as I covered my emotions, I had nowhere to turn. Everyone was looking to me for signs that things were going to be okay. Nobody ever asked me how I was doing, but I was always there to cheer everyone up. One morning I picked up my phone pulled up the notes section and typed: What do I have to be Thankful for?” After a few weeks passed, I met with a dear friend that convinced me to have the work published and thus “Thankful” was born.
2007 July Earnest starts designing for Grammy-nominated vocalist Tamar Davis. (Nominated alongside Prince for their album: 3121)
September 2007 teamed up with KM to produce the sound of Sk’n (The Uninhabited Pleasure Remix)
2008 with much hesitancy Earnest opens his design creativity to the adult spectrum. At the behest of a client, Earnest created the Caligula collection.
Earnest received an invitation to design for Jonathan Sandys, the great-grand-son of Winston Churchill. Mr. Sandys wore a design from Buckingham Palace's 2010 royal wedding.
Shortly after, Earnest became a brand designer, opening his creativity to a reality TV couple and an internationally renowned artist.
2012 Earnest started designing apparel for Mykel Hawke and Ruth England Hawke for future projects. The couple is best known for the Discovery Channel Show “Man, Woman, Wild” January 9th first show set to air on the Outdoor Channel, “Elite Tactical Unit”hosted by Mykel Hawke. Certain garments supplied by Earnest Díaz, Co.
In May 2013, the new show will air on the Travel Channel «Lost Survivor» with Mykel and Ruth Hawke.
2013 On 9 July, ETU will be distributed in Asian markets, marking the 6th country for the success of the series.
2014-2016 Found Earnest designing suits, vests and tee shirts for painting artist Jumper Maybach. Gearing up for the movie “The Jumper Maybach Story”.
Earnest's creativity served as a bridge to music and writing. Thus far, the designer has two top ten dance hits, which he wrote and co-produced for two artists.
Earnest's first book "Thankful" received the prestigious International Publisher Award (IPA) the Best Inspirational Book of the Year 2016.
After taking time off, it is with great pleasure to announce the return of Earnest, reigniting his musical artistry. Earnest took the initiative to create music for an upcoming documentary, directly associated with two major projects rooted in 2015.
Summer of 2019 kicks off with a Top 10 song by the creator. "Let Them Eat Cake (Chapter 18)" by Earnest, gradually LTEC is becoming known as the International fight song with its infections beat causing people to dance. Presently available on numerous music platforms worldwide.
  • Composer (1 Credit)
    Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video)2020
    Animation, Music Video, Short
  • Producer (1 Credit)
    Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video)2020
    Animation, Music Video, Short
  • Writer (1 Credit)
    Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video)2020
    Animation, Music Video, Short
  • Director (1 Credit)
    Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video)2020
    Animation, Music Video, Short
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August 5
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Houston, Tx.
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The greatest journey one can take, is to believe in one’s self.
Earnest House Of Diaz / EDC