The poet Arthur Rimbaud forever changed the landscape of poetry. During his life he rejected living within the constructs of society. His creative voice and private life was free of societal expectations.

Les Rimbaud du Cinema honors the words of Rimbaud:

“What can I say ? - in a terrible way I insist on worshipping free freedom.”

Hundreds of great films are created each year by talented and visionary filmmakers. They are made on tight budgets, without rosters of celebrity names, with no advance contracts for distribution and no guarantee of monetary reward. These are films with impressive content, not impressive labels. The trouble is: once the festival season passes most of these films fade away for lack of distribution. They become “invisible.”

We at Les Rimbaud du Cinema are independent filmmakers, too. We know the daunting challenges of funding film production and of working without a financial “safety net.” We celebrate and value the visions, the hard work, the commitment of independent filmmakers. This is why we established Les Rimbaud du Cinema.

Les Rimbaud has two goals.

First, we want your film to be visible to the world. We have assembled “Les Rimbaud Jury” composed of professionals drawn from the world of culture and counter-culture — (literature , music, architecture, dance, sculpture, etc.) who share our love of independent cinema. Also, your film will be available for viewing by film buffs around the world who are registered members of Les Rimbaud du Cinema. They will vote for their favorite films for the Les Rimbaud awards to be held in October 2019. This audience of viewers forms our “Public Jury.”

Second: The Les Rimbaud du Cinema awards have been established to recognize excellence in independent cinematic achievements. In October of 2019 the votes from both juries will be tallied. We hope these awards will serve not only to honor your work and commitment, but will serve as a celebration to energize the audiences of the world to seek beyond the commercial "popcorn cinema" they find in their local megaplexes.

Winning films will be screened in our partner cinemas in France and internationally.

Each film will be evaluated in all categories until 18 October 2019 at midnight Central European Time ( GMT+1 ) the final closing date of the votes.

- Feature film
- Actor/Actress in a leading role in a feature film
- Supporting Actor/Actress in a feature film
- Screenplay
- The Rimbaud “Coup de Cœur”
- Short film
- Actor/Actress in a short film
- Animated film
-Student Film

In the event that two films are tied in the same category each one will be awarded a Rimbaud.

THE EVENT: The Rimbaud du Cinema awards ceremony will take place October 19, 2019, the eve of the birthday of poet Arthur Rimbaud, in Charleville-Mézières, France, his birthplace. October 19 will be a day filled with festival activities: a gypsy party with activities for all ages and a concert by our guest of honor Emir Kusturica and his "No Smoking Orchestra.” The highlight of this event will be the presentation of "Rimbaud du Cinéma" awards.

Two voting juries will award:

» First Choice Feature Film
» First Choice Lead Actor/Actress in a Feature Film
» First Choice Supporting Actor/Actress in in a feature film
» First Choice Screenplay
» The Coup de Coeur of the "Professional Jury" and "Public Jury"
» First Choice Short Film
» First Choice Actor/Actress in a Short Film
» First Choice Animated Film
» First Choice Student film

The terms "Best," "Foreign," "Female," or "Male" will not appear in any of the Rimbaud du Cinéma's choices. Why? Because a painting by Pablo Picasso is no better than a painting by Frida Kahlo, a film by Paolo Pasolini is no better than a film by Liliana Cavani and none of the works of these filmmakers or painters can be described as "foreign" "male" or "female." The rock paintings of the Lascaux caves are not French because they were produced on French territory, but are universal because they were designed by anonymous artists whose gender is unknown and whose only homeland was humanity.

"The Rimbauds of cinema proclaim the equality and universality of cinematographic works even if each one of us has the right to prefer some of them."

To be eligible for Rimbaud du Cinéma, feature-length fiction films of more than 60 minutes and short fiction films of less than 60 minutes must meet the following conditions:
» to be produced with a maximum budget of 1,500,000 euros

» to be shot in real pictures or animation

» produced after January 1, 2014.

»Films produced in France must hold an operating visa.

» Feature films must not have been screened in more than 30 commercially operated cinemas in the country of production

» be subtitled in English and French
(French language films require English subtitles; English films require French subtitles.
ALL OTHER language films require BOTH English and French subtitles)

Any director, producer or distributor who has registered his film to be eligible for Rimbaud du Cinéma 2019 accepts:

» to pay the registration fee at 25 US dollars
» that the film will be submitted to the vote of the Public and Les Rimbaud juries (the Public jury will view the films online at FilmFreeway)
» that the film, if it receives a Rimbaud, be screened internationally in partner cinemas
» that the visual of any winning film bears the laurels: "Rimbaud du Cinéma 2019"

The Rimbaud du Cinéma team is committed to ensuring respect for the dignity of the human person and respect for animal sensitivity. As a result, any film is automatically excluded if it includes:
» pornography
» extreme violence
» a racist or discriminatory ideology based on gender identity or sexual orientation, religion, physical appearance, disability, origin, nationality, social group and any other form to the contrary to human dignity and respect for animal rights.
» the appearance of condoning or encouraging violent, illicit, antisocial, degrading or alienating behavior.

The Rimbaud du Cinéma team reserves the right to reject any film that does not comply with these principles.

WE DO NOT ISSUE WAIVERS EXCEPT : If you are working in a part of the world where an entry fee would prohibit you from submitting your film, contact us at to explain and request a fee waiver.

Please understand that we rely on entry fees for the operation of the festival and only request waivers when necessary. We are filmmakers, too. We know the often painful realities of funding. We set our fees very low.

We do not pay screening fees.